Working out on an empty stomach, also known as ‘fasted cardio’, is a new concept that works wonderfully for most people. Although, it just isn’t for everyone. 

Many of the ladies wonder if intermittent fasting can help them to get faster results. People do intermittent fasting, probably do a cardio workout on an empty stomach. Worrying about fainting in the middle of a workout? Don’t make an opinion about it already. Read the blog ahead to find out whether working out on an empty stomach can make your cardio more effective and help you lose weight faster. 

When can you work out on an empty stomach?

The best way to start your day is by working out. Do it even before your breakfast. 

No matter if you are doing cardio or weight training, you definitely are curious to know if working out on an empty stomach can give you better and faster results and help lose fat faster. Some can eat before a workout and be full of energy while others may feel nauseous or heavy if they work out after having a meal. 

People who are more comfortable working out in the evening, you can have a healthy lunch and some light snacks. Do not eat anything and keep your stomach empty for 2-3 hours and then you are ready to work out.

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What happens in the body when you work out without a meal?

  • Adipose cells break down 
  • As there is no recently digested food to use, fat is burned to carry out bodily functioning
  • A rise in the hormone levels which encourages the use of energy stored in the form of fat
  • Increase in blood flow to the abdomen
  • Breakdown of adipose tissues that are stored around your abdomen.

Clearly, working out on an empty stomach has potential benefits when the goal is to shift or breakdown the stubborn fat.

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Benefits of working out on an empty stomach  

Working out on an empty stomach is sometimes suggested by fitness experts to improve fat burning. This process encourages the body to take energy from the stored energy rather than using up the recently digested food. 

When less energy is available in the body from a recent meal, the body tends to burn more fat during a workout. 

What can you eat before an empty stomach workout?

Fat gets accumulated in special tissues known as the “adipose tissues”.  It is stored in various places throughout the body. For fat to be burned, you need to use energy. 

If doing a high-intensity workout, it helps to take a light snack first. Having a light and low-calorie snack before your exercise can also prevent overeating after the workout.

It is a general rule to feed your belly a little before you start with your workout. Although, having a large meal within an hour of starting your workout is not a wise option. If you feel hungry, go for a piece of fruit or a few nuts, that will do no harm. 

Such foods are light on the stomach and easy to digest. Also, you can have a full meal or any snack you want after the workout.  If you are a night person who likes to train after dinner, give your body a couple of hours to digest your night meal. You can also divide your dinner into two smaller meals, one before and the other one after the workout.

Grab a handful of nuts, berries, a bowl full of oats, cereal, fruits, a glass of fresh fruit juice or a smoothie if you wanna feed yourself a little and still lose weight to the maximum.

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What exercises are best on an empty stomach?

Aerobic exercises such as low-intensity cardio is the best one for burning fat.  This is because of the fact that when you exercise at a high intensity, enough oxygen is not present to metabolise stored energy.  The body then uses the alternative ‘anaerobic’ energy production process which does not require much oxygen. 

Most Suitable workouts to do on an empty stomach are:

  • Cycling
  • Brisk Walk
  • Jogging
  • Planks
  • Swimming
  • Battle Ropes
  • Shadow Boxing


Some people love the routine of working out on an empty stomach and call it their favorite way for training. However, If you feel dizzy or weak, take a light meal. At the end of the day, your health comes on top. 

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