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    Perforated Eardrum

    What is a Perforated Eardrum?

    A perforated eardrum is a hole or tear in the eardrum that may affect your hearing ability. The eardrum is also known as the tympanic membrane. It is a thin layer of tissue found in the middle ear that receives the vibrations of sound and helps transmit it to the auditory ossicles. When a hole occurs in the tympanic membrane or eardrum, that is called perforation. Patients suffering from perforated eardrum issues need immediate assistance. Because delaying the treatment of a ruptured eardrum can lead to partial hearing or complete loss of hearing. 

    In most cases, if the perforation is minor, it usually heals on its own or through prescribed medication like ear drops within a few weeks. Whereas, on the other hand, if the hole in the eardrum is major, it needs a doctor’s opinion and would not heal through medicines or any other oral treatments. Perforation in the eardrum can result in severe symptoms like earache, ear discharge, or impaired hearing ability. Therefore, the doctor may advise surgical intervention to repair the perforation in the eardrum. The surgical procedure is called tympanoplasty. It is an advanced and minimally invasive procedure that restores hearing ability and cures all the symptoms caused due to perforation in the eardrum.


    • Bacterial infection in the middle ear
    • Inserting foreign items in the ear
    • Injury
    • Sudden exposure to loud music
    • Change in air pressure
    • Contact sports
    • Water diving


    • Partial hearing loss
    • Intense earache
    • Discharge from the ear
    • Regular itchiness in the ear
    • Fever
    • Tinnitus


    There are a few diagnostic tests an ENT expert will recommend, such as:

    • TympanometryA device is used in the tympanometry test to measure the eardrum’s response in different air pressure. The doctor will note the measurement to detect the perforation in the eardrum.
    • Audiology- The doctor will play various volumes and pitches to check the severity of the hearing ability.
    • Ear discharge- A swab of an ear discharge will be taken for culture to identify infection in the middle ear.
    • Tuning Fork- There are two-pronged metal instruments that are used to produce sound when struck together. The sound will help in evaluating the hearing quality of the patient.  
    tests of Perforated Eardrum


    In most cases, the hole is minor in the tympanic membrane. If the perforation is minor, it usually heals on its own. The doctor may prescribe a few medications and ear drops for a week or two to support the healing process. The symptoms may not be significant, but the patient could experience earache and fever because of the perforation in the eardrum.

    Minor perforation in the eardrum


    There are various risk factors that can cause a hole in the eardrum:

    • Scuba diving without gears can put pressure on the ear.
    • Change in air pressure while traveling through the airplane.
    • Activities involving rapid pressure changes can cause perforation in the eardrum.
    • Middle ear infections
    • Listening to loud noises or music regularly
    • Inserting foreign objects into the ear.

    • Prevention of Perforated Eardrum


      Prevention of Perforated Eardrum
      • Avoid listening to loud music
      • Use a piece of cloth for warm compresses to ease the pain in the ear
      • Wear a shower cap while bathing to keep water from entering the ear
      • Don’t blow your nose, as it can affect your middle ear severely
      • Postpone your traveling plans by airplane to avoid air pressure
      • Use earplugs to avoid any further harm to the eardrum
    • Myths and Facts about Perforated Eardrum

      Myths & Facts about Tympanoplasty

      Myths and Facts about Perforated Eardrum

      Myth- The recovery is very difficult, painful, and takes a long duration.

      Fact- A patient who has undergone tympanoplasty can resume normal activities within a week. However, full recovery may take about 2-3 weeks and is not painful. The doctor will prescribe medications to manage discomfort post-surgery.

      Myth- Tympanoplasty does not get covered under health insurance.

      Fact- Most insurance providers in India cover tympanoplasty under health insurance. It is considered as a medical necessity as it improves the hearing ability. 


      Myth- Repairing a perforated eardrum is expensive.

      Fact- No. Tympanoplasty surgery is a daycare procedure, and the cost may range between  Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000. There are other flexible payment options to make the payments easier. If you have health insurance, the tympanoplasty treatment may get covered under medical insurance.

    When to consult a doctor ?

    Consult an ENT doctor on an immediate basis if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms. The ear is a sensitive part of the body, and delaying the treatment can affect your life’s productivity.  The following could be the significant signs of perforation in the eardrum:

    • Intense earache which may subside quickly
    • Mucus like drainage coming out from the ear
    • Bleeding from the ear
    • If you are feeling any change in your hearing ability
    • If you are hearing continuous buzzing sound in the ear

    Questions to ask your doctor .

    Can the hole in the eardrum heal through medication?
    Can tympanoplasty improve my hearing ability?
    Are there any alternative treatment options except tympanoplasty surgery for a perforated eardrum?
    I am taking treatment for another medical condition. Is it possible to undergo tympanoplasty at the same time?
    How long is the recovery duration after tympanoplasty?
    Are there any complications that can occur post tympanoplasty surgery?
    Can perforation in the eardrum occur again after tympanoplasty?
    Insurance Coverage of Perforated Eardrum


    Every individual’s medical insurance policy is different. A perforation or hole in the eardrum can result in partial or complete loss of hearing. Tympanoplasty is considered a medical treatment that is necessary to improve the hearing ability and restore the ear’s normal functioning. A few of the insurance providers that may cover treatment:

    • Star Health Insurance
    • New Inia Health Insurance
    • Bajaj Allianz
    • Religare
    • ICICI Lombard
    Insurance Coverage of Perforated Eardrum

    Video testimonials - By Patients

    Video on the disease and treatment - by Pristyn Care doctors

    Latest Research

    • Latest Research on Perforated Eardrum

      One survey found that 4% of the population of Native American children had TMP.

    • Latest Research on Perforated Eardrum

      Most studies suggest that upward of 90% of traumatic perforations heal spontaneously within 3 months of injury. 

    • Latest Research on Perforated Eardrum

      A study conducted on a group of people revealed that 82.6% of patients had improvement or elimination of tinnitus after tympanoplasty.

    • Latest Research on Perforated Eardrum

      Tympanoplasty for chronic tympanic membrane perforation in children.


    Can a perforated eardrum cause loss of hearing?

    Yes. A hole in the eardrum is referred to as a ruptured eardrum. The perforation makes the ear vulnerable to infection and can lead to partial or complete hearing loss. Consult the ENT doctor for a thorough diagnosis to get the best-suited treatment.

    Can tympanoplasty fix my perforated eardrum?

    Yes. Tympanoplasty is a modern surgical procedure. It is a minimally invasive surgery that is performed to fix the tympanic membrane or eardrum to improve the normal function of the ear.

    Should I avoid swimming after tympanoplasty surgery?

    Yes. Patients who have undergone tympanoplasty are advised to avoid swimming for at least 4-5 days post-surgery. As the surgical site is vulnerable to infection and water contact can hinder the healing process.

    Why is tympanoplasty the best treatment for a perforated eardrum?

    Tympanoplasty is an advanced technique to repair the perforation in the eardrum. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed through small incisions, unlike conventional methods. Traditional surgery methods are prone to infection and usually make large cuts that may lead to heavy bleeding. Tympanoplasty causes no blood loss and has a faster recovery period compared to traditional approaches.

    How long does tympanoplasty surgery last?

    Tympanoplasty is an outpatient procedure and usually lasts 40-60 minutes, depending on the extent of the perforation in the eardrum. The ENT surgeon might keep you under observation for a few hours post-surgery to monitor your vitals, and you can go home later on the same day. 

    What is the recovery duration after tympanoplasty?

    Tympanoplasty is an evolved technique that an experienced ENT surgeon performs. Patients who have undergone tympanoplasty can resume normal activities in 3-4 days post-surgery, but the complete recovery may require a month. Discuss the dos and don’ts with your ENT doctor to make the recovery process smoother.

    Is tympanoplasty painful surgery?

    No. Tympanoplasty is an advanced surgical procedure that is performed with modern medical instruments and under the effect of anesthesia. Anesthesia makes the surgery painless, and the post-surgery discomfort usually gets managed by medication prescribed by the doctor.

    Can I go to the gym after a week of tympanoplasty?

    No. The doctor advises resuming normal activities within a week. However, it is not recommended to do strenuous activities like gymming, weight lifting, or jogging for at least a month. Such physical activity can put excessive pressure on the ear causing complications post-surgery.

    Is it safe to undergo tympanoplasty in COVID-19?

    Yes. It is safe to undergo tympanoplasty during the pandemic, as delaying the treatment can worsen the complication and affect hearing quality. But, one needs to make sure that the hospital you are going to or the doctor you are meeting is following all the safety measures required to prevent the COVID-19 virus.

    Why tympanoplasty surgery for a perforated eardrum?

    Tympanoplasty is an advanced and evolved technique to fix perforation in the eardrum through a minimally invasive approach. The surgical procedure is executed by making tiny incisions that are easy to recover and are less vulnerable to infection as compared to traditional methods. Conventional methods make large cuts that stay longer as a scar post-surgery and take a long duration to recover.


    Why choose Pristyn Care for Tympanoplasty Treatment 

    Pristyn Care has ENT-specialized centers across the country. We are trying our best to make modern treatments accessible to each patient with a minimal cost range. Pristyn Care believes in almost painless and minimally invasive surgeries, has fewer chances of infection with a faster recovery duration. We provide additional benefits to each patient who comes to Pristyn Care for a smoother treatment journey:

    • Highly Experienced Surgeons- All ENT surgeons at Pristyn Care are board-certified and upskilled in performing the advanced treatment. They offer comprehensive treatment and try their best to discuss all the necessary details about the tympanoplasty procedure to make you well informed about your treatment for a hole in the eardrum.
    • Medical Insurance Approval– An in-house team of insurance experts is available at Pristyn Care to assist patients during the paperwork of medical insurance claims. Each patient has a different insurance policy from the other. Our experts understand it and provide the best assistance to get the maximum benefits from your policy.
    • Discounted Diagnostic Tests– We understand medical finances could be burdening. To ease the treatment finance, we offer a 30% discount on diagnostic tests.
    • Different Payment Options– There are flexible payment options at Pristyn Care for tympanoplasty treatment. You can either choose to pay through cash or from any card. We also provide 0 cost EMI to make the treatment payment feasible for each patient.
    • Free Cab Service- Free transportation is also provided to each patient for pick-up from their home and to drop-off back to their doorsteps on the day of tympanoplasty surgery.
    • Free Follow-up Consultation- Recovery is an essential part of the treatment. Therefore, we provide free follow-up consultation with a diet chart that a nutritionist makes to patients who have undergone tympanoplasty surgery for smoother and faster recovery.

    Book An Appointment With The Best ENT Doctors For Tympanoplasty

    Pristyn Care has an in-house team of ENT experts that are well trained in executing minimally invasive surgeries while providing the best consultation. In addition, our dedicated team offers extreme attention to each patient during their treatment to make their treatment journey smoother. The three easy ways to book an appointment for a perforated eardrum treatment at Pristyn Care:

    • Talk to our medical coordinator by giving us a call on the mentioned number above the page to get the details about the tympanoplasty treatment. 
    • Fill out the form with the required information. Our medical coordinator will call you at the earliest for assistance and provide all the necessary details about a hole in the eardrum. 
    • There is a mobile application as well through which patients can book online consultations to speak to our highly experienced ENT doctors without stepping out of the house.
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