Patanjali products for weight loss

Patanjali products for weight loss are very popular in India. A large population of India believes in natural home remedies for weight loss. Patanjali has built that trust with their effectiveness and affordable range of products. Patanjali manufactures a lot of health products, spices, ointments and herbal products. 

Obesity in youth is a common problem and a sedentary lifestyle makes it worse. Patanjali has come up with some effective weight loss products that can be relied upon for a safe weight loss journey. 

What Patanjali products for weight loss do?

Patanjali products improve the natural process of the body. The natural products improve metabolism, calorie utilization and facilitate easy elimination from the body. Its been approximately 10 years that Baba Ramdev has setup Patanjali Ayurveda which over the years has become an international brand. These products have gained credibility as they use organic ingredients to prepare this product.

Here is the list of Patanjali products for weight loss by Baba Ramdev

  1. Patanjali Amla Juice for weight loss:

    Patanjali amla juice helps in weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. It contains amla extract. Amla also is known as gooseberry juice.  These all extracts together will help you in boosting your metabolism and hence reducing fat deposition. This, in turn, will also make you feel full for a longer time controlling your cravings to eat unhealthy.

  2. Patanjali Honey for weight loss:

    Imagine not quitting sweetness from your diet and still losing weight! Sounds so satisfying, right? The golden nectar- honey could help you with this process. Patanjali raw organic honey is a great substitute for sugar. You can have 1-1.5 tablespoon of Patanjali honey in warm water first thing in the morning. Consuming honey will help you burn more fat as it acts as fuel by keeping the brain sugar levels high and releasing fat-burning hormones. It suppresses your appetite too.

  3. Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice for weight loss:

    The most wonderful property of aloe Vera juice is that it helps you in losing weight by lowering your cholesterol, improving digestion, eliminating constipation, keeping blood sugar levels in check and last but not the least it boosts your immunity. Therefore, Patanjali aloe Vera juice is a safe option to lose weight. It is also a laxative that fights water weight. You can have two tablespoons of Patanjali aloe Vera juice in the morning or one tablespoon 20 minutes before every meal. This will have great results if continued for a while.

  4. Patanjali Triphala Churna:

    Triphala churna helps in strengthening and toning the colon tissue and helps the body to flush out toxins. It also improves and rejuvenates the digestive system. It aids weight loss by boosting your metabolism and acting as a cleansing agent for your body. Patanjali Triphala Churna is an excellent Ayurvedic product that helps in naturally treating constipation and other digestive troubles. The best time to consume Triphala Churna is early morning time. One tablespoon of Triphala in normal or lukewarm water is good. You can also add some honey to it for better taste and enhanced benefits. (Also read: Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss)

  5. Divya Triphala Guggul:

    This product of Patanjali is very helpful in treating piles, fistula, sciatica, paralysis and vata in bone marrow joints. It contains powerful compounds that are anti-inflammatory and helps to protect certain chronic diseases and cancers. It also helps in treating constipation and several dental issues too besides aiding weight loss. Another advantage of Triphala is that it has potent herbs that affect your digestive system ultimately showing fat reduction and anti-obesity effects. You can have it between meals. But having it on an empty stomach will result in maximum absorption and results. The suggested unit of intake is 500 mg to 1 gram per day. (Also read: Stomach Problem Can be devastating)

  6. Divya Peya Herbal Tea for weight loss:

    Divya Peya herbal tea is an excellent product of Patanjali that helps you in burning stored fat without side effects. It’s a great Ayurvedic substitute for tea. It has some beneficial properties of plant proteins and herbs. It improves your digestive and hepatic balance. Also, it improves the basal metabolic rate. Thus, leading to efficient weight loss. It also helps you recover from cough and cold too due to the presence of Vitamin C. This tea will also help you in boosting your immunity along with metabolism, relieves the stress and protects your heart.

  7. Divya Medohar Vati for weight loss:

    This is an excellent product by Patanjali Ayurveda. Divya Medohar Vati is a polyherbal remedy containing many herbs and natural extracts that help in weight loss. It helps in regulating digestion and metabolism as well. It helps in burning belly fat without using strength. The main function is Medohar Vati is to burn excess fat by stimulating fat metabolism. It has no side effects and it also reduces joint pain in knees and hips.

  8. Patanjali Wheat Dalia to lose weight:

    This dalia will keep your hunger and cravings at bay as it has antioxidants, vitamins, flavonoids, omega-6 fatty acids and dietary fiber which helps in promoting good health. This can be great for weight watchers as it is extremely low in calories and is a super food for the ones who are following a nutritious diet to lose some kgs. One serving of this Patanjali Dalia will add up very little to your calorie count, thereby facilitating weight loss. Aids better digestion too.

  9. Patanjali Oats for weight loss:

    These Patanjali oats are very slow to digest which in turn helps you feel full for the rest of the day keeping your calorie intake in check. You will be able to prevent your sudden and random hunger pangs. Eating oats will help your body to digest easily but not all at one go. So, you can surely incorporate these organic oats in your weight loss journey to see effective and efficient results in a month or two.

  10. Patanjali Kutki Churna for weight loss:

    This is an all-rounder churna that not only aids in weight loss but also cures symptoms and roots related to jaundice. Patanjali kutki churna fortifies your liver from the Hepatitis C virus. It boosts your immunity and helps in controlling and managing weight. You can have half or one tablespoon of kutki churna on an empty stomach with water or as directed by your physician for the best benefits.

Take Away

These Patanjali products are famous worldwide and have helped many people losing weight. But we also need to practically understand that taking these products and eating junk would not do any good. You need to know what aids weight loss. Cutting carbs and consuming more protein helps the best along with these products.

Patanjali is a trusted Ayurvedic brand that is successfully flourishing worldwide alleviating various health concerns including obesity. Eating healthy foods and working out properly will help you best along with using these products consistently. You need to know what quantity and when to consume that quantity for the best results in a few months. Above all, if you have a chronic ailment or allergies, we recommend you to take any Patanjali product under the physician’s supervision.

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