Why is there more of pain than pleasure in your Intimate Hours ?

Sex is meant to be amazeballs! Always gives pleasure and leave you feeling good. And when sex gets painful and gives you discomfort instead of the orgasms, it may be your body’s sign to tell you that something seriously wrong is going on inside. If you feel a shrill pinch, pressure and feel sore and tight down there or experience wild cramps all over during your last romp, you’re not the only one in the league. Approximately 30 percent of females report of pain during vaginal intercourse, as per a 2015 study. That number rises to 72 percent in case of anal sex. Such pain can cause discomforts outside the bedroom blooms too. Discomforts or pain during intercourse not only spoils the moment but can bring out much greater consequences such as fear of sex, fall in sex drive, and complete loss of intimacy.

Just because pain is mild and you somewhat know that it is a common condition does not mean that you have to put up with it. You might get uncomfortable and awkward speaking up about it or even consulting a gynecologist, but you’re doing harm to yourself with that. Women should know that pain is not normal and no matter if it occurs sometimes or is mild, or what its ultimate cause is. There are numerous things that could be messing up your exiting time under the sheets.

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Below are 10 possible reasons that you would be feeling pain during sex and what all you can do make it good again.

1. Skipped Foreplay

Women are much slower than men in getting aroused. And there’s a no false myths about the fact that women need more foreplay. Foreplay too is not the same for every person. Figuring out what works best for you is still halfway the battle. Foreplay has to be exciting to both the partners, especially the ladies. That might include kissing, spooning , cuddling or rolling around with our partner. For some people this much is not enough. They can try other options like giving or receiving oral sex. Some people my even consider role playing before or during sex or watching porn together as a pre-boost or mood setter before the sex. Everyone is different, every couple is different. What gets you turned on may not always work in someone else’s case. Figuring out what feels good and what turns you on is the key to initiate the natural process of blood flow to your genitals. This increases the lubrication, making it all non-dry down there and that means you will have an absolutely pain-free sex ahead. A big cause of concern here is that some women aren’t really aware of when they’re aroused. This can be a major hurdle ruining your intimate life. To ease the trouble, the simplest solution is to stay focused in that moment. Noticing how it feels to touch to be touched by your partner and be touched will help ignite the moment.

2. Absence of Lubrication

You may feel that you are ready to begin the action, but if you’re not slippery enough down there, penetration will for sure be painful. A fun fact that most of us aren’t aware of, the vagina gets lubricated after 5 to 7 minutes the brain is already in the game. Several other factors including several medications can also cause vaginal dryness. Most allergy pills have a bad effect on vaginal tissues and on other mucus membranes. Even use of low-dose hormonal birth control pills can cause vaginal dryness. There are many medications including antidepressants, blood pressure medicines and sedatives that can affect the ability to lubricate your vagina naturally. What to be done to avoid this? Make sure that you have your own lubricant ready before the action. Even if you don’t require it generally, play on the safe side and keep a lubricant in your reach so that you do not need to go searching for it in the middle of your intimate hour.

3. Stress has already occupied your head

You have thousands of things to do in a day, hundreds of things to worry about and many bother you for a long time. At the end of the day, your mind takes all that tension to the bed. Having a relaxed mind is an important part of getting ready for sex. If you’re stressed, your body oils won’t be released and you would not enjoy your intimate episode, no matter how good it gets. You gotta push the tensity out to adore the intimacy! The best favor you can do here to yourself is put all your stress and anxieties away before you get busy in bed. It is suggested that couples give each other some soothing massages or do some cuddling or spooning to ease your mind. This is a highly effective mood setter!

4. It’s the Menopause

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Vagina undergoes many changes during menopause. There are many ways your vagina would change during or before menopause. Changes in the vagina before or during menopause include many more than only lubrication. The dryness is much more especially after menopause has ended. Certain parts of the vagina and vulva may get much more sensitive. This can clearly explain why the things that once made you feel good now just hurt. There are many ways to get rid of such unwanted symptoms of menopause. To begin with, start by consulting your gynecologist you are comfortable with about the possible causes of pain and treatments to help you.

5. Unfortunately, there is a huge difference in your body sizes!

For a very minute number of people, genital fit is actually a reason their intimate life is a nightmare. This factor can act as a strong reason behind pain during sex. This means that your partner is quite large, while you’re just an extra petite. Lubrication can be of help in certain cases. There can be situations when the penis is hitting right at the cervix, or causing an uncomfortably huge stretch. Changing sex positions is mostly helpful in such cases. But again, it varies as per person to person. Most of the times, females aren’t much confident asking the partner to slow down a bit or be more gentle. Try simple and easy tricks like switching positions and get on top, as it gives the female more control over the speed and thrust.

6. There is some kind of infection down there

There are a number of genital infections most common one being genital herpes, trichomoniasis, and yeast infections which can make penetration and the whole sex incredibly painful. A woman who has never experience any symptoms of the infection are generally unaware that they are having any such infections. Apart from painful intercourse and penetration, minor changes in the vulva or vagina can occur, making the pain even worse! Calm down! Most genital infections can be most easily cured and controlled after consulting your gynecologist. The gynecologist may suggest some tests to make the picture more clear.

7. Endometriosis is the reason

In this condition, the tissues lining the uterus over-grow in other areas. This condition affects approximately 200 million females across the world. Endometriosis can lead to painful vaginal intercourse and penetration. The pain varies from mild to really intolerable, depending on the individual. The treatment of Endometriosis may involve a laparoscopic surgery. Identifying the source of pain is a big task to be accomplished before getting to conclusions. If you have pain during your periods, painful sex wait no more and consult your gynecologist. The doctor may also suggest you to get an ultrasound screening.

8. You’re facing IBS complications

Obviously , no one would like to foresee sex and poop simultaneously. But practically speaking, IBS is a common but not so pleasing possible cause of painful intercourse. It is suggested that upon encountering the most common symptoms of IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, intestinal cramps during periods, frequent constipation or diarrhea along with painful sex, there are chances it all might be linked. Visit to your gynecologist or general physician about the condition and they might help you on how to manage the condition all together.

9. It may be a skin disorder!

Yes! It may be possible that you are suffering from a skin disorder that may be causing painful sex. On an estimation, approximately 30 percent of the overall population has some form of eczema troubling them. In some cases for individuals suffering from eczema, the disorder can even strike down there to your intimate parts. As a result, it would leave your vagina and vulva itchy, red, and sore, making the intercourse painful for you. I know many would be freaked out upon reading this! The good news for you here is that vulvar eczema is easily treatable with quick and positive results. In most cases, the solution is as simple as changing your intimate or body soap or laundry detergent or just choose to wear looser-fitting clothes. Your gynecologist or doctor may recommend a mild cream or an anti fungal cream to help your skin heal up.

10. It may be a case of Vaginismus

Vaginismus is a rare condition of involuntary contractions of vaginal muscles and walls. The condition is characterized by spasms and contractions of the vagina especially at the time of penetration or during intercourse. Such it can also happen when you try inserting a tampon or getting a pap test at the gynecologist’s office). It’s thought to be a psychological condition stemming from things like a fear of sex, past abuse or trauma, or anxiety. If you experience pain during sex or even while inserting a tampon or during gynecologist visits and examination, talk to your gynecologist ASAP for an accurate diagnosis of the condition.


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The treatment for painful sex or dyspareunia varies as per the cause. For, bacterial infection or yeast infection, the female can get relief by taking prescribed medication. The first thing to be done is to visit a gynecologist. The gynecologist will examine the vagina and genitals and try to find out the cause of the trouble. Some females are treated with just medication. But others may need further treatment, depending on the cause of the condition. Normal vaginal irritation and itching can be treated in just 20 minutes in a pain free and safe laser treatment. Visit Pristyn care and rekindle the spark in your intimate life.

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