11 Foods that can actually Delay your Periods Naturally !!

Girls who get periods may often wish they could delay their periods. 

Apart from menstrual bleeding, periods may be accompanied with cramps, mood swings, breast tenderness, bloating and other symptoms of PMS. many times a female would feel like pushing their periods off a bit to avoid other symptoms.

If you search online for ways to naturally delay your period, you will see a million kinds of ideas, from exercising to drinking vinegar water. But, can they delay periods naturally?

Here are 11 foods to naturally delay your periods-

1. Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar is popular for relieving the symptoms of PMS. However, its miraculous benefits do not just end there.

Just add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water and try this natural remedy at least one week before your expected period.

Although, it is a debatable context. As per some research conducted with the females who have suffered from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), Apple Cider Vinegar can cause a fall in insulin levels, which helps with blood clotting, thus lightening the blood flow.

Basically, the remedy might be helpful in the case but it also does not mean that it’ll stop the flow altogether. Also, apple cider vinegar is the host of many health benefits so there is no harm in taking a few teaspoonfuls with some water.

2. Lemon Juice

cutting lemon with a knife gif

Lemon juice, just like apple cider vinegar, is a highly acidic food item.  All the old ladies around you would suggest you take lemon juice a lot if you want to delay your period.

It is a natural product and taking it in moderate quantities would not affect the body. Although, there is no medical evidence to prove that they can actually delay your period dates.

It is unclear why the anecdotal studies and reports suggest that this citrus fruit might help push back bleeding. There is also no evidence or research to support it.

Moreover, such foods with a lot of acids can irritate your teeth, gums, mouth, throat, stomach, and intestines. If you try this technique, be sure to add the lemon juice with water in a glass of water or drink it as an unsweetened tea.

3. Gelatin

gelatin kept in a bowl with a cup and spoon next to it

Here is another magic component that may help your menstrual cycle to wait for some time before showing up.

Dissolving gelatin in lukewarm water and drinking it is said to push back the onset of your period cycle for about four hours!

If you need need to add more time to that window of relief, you’ll have to keep repeating the gelatin treatment.

It is again unclear why gelatin is praised as a natural way to delay the start of the period. There is also no research to support it. Drinking large amounts of gelatin can also have some side effects such as bloating or digestion issues.

4. Gram Lentil Soup

Gram lentil soup bowl gif

Roast a bunch of gram lentils, grind them to make a fine powder and store them in a cool and dry place. Now you can use the preparation to make one serving of gram lentils soup each day. This can help you delay your coming period cycle. You can begin by taking this about 10 days before the expected date of your period cycle. (Also Read: Effective Tips on How To Get Periods Early )

5. Tamarind pulp 

Tamarind Pulp is considered great to get delayed periods. Try this tangy preparation to prepone your approaching periods.

Add about 10 grams of tamarind in a glass of water with a pinch of sugar and salt. You can add the tamarind in hot water and boil it to make it softer. Start consuming tamarind water to see some evident changes.

6. Fuller’s earth 

Enjoy the benefits of skin rejuvenating beauty sessions along with doing this simple routine which can help you prepone your periods. Add about 25 grams of Fuller’s earth to about 1  cup of water. Drink this 3 to 4 times a day for about a week before the expected date of your periods. (Also Read: Ayurvedic Medicines for Irregular Periods: Benefits, Risks, and Effectiveness )

7. Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon tea is another popular thing that can push ahead of the period date. The tea is aromatic, tasty and healthy as well. Also, it will help you delay the periods.

Good deal, isn’t it? Just add a cinnamon stick in a boiling cup of water and drink it. Continue it for a few days to see some changes.


dancing watermelon slices gif

Watermelons are delicious! Juicy and sweet and light on the tummy. This fruit is sweet, pulpy and red.

Not only an eye candy, but they are also fresh, tasty and healthy at the same time.

This summer, do not just beat the heat but push your periods away for a while too. Eat a bowl of fresh and cold watermelon each day to see some changes

9. No Spices! Stay away from spicy food

Fear the spice if you are looking forward to delaying your periods. Intake of spices can increase the body heat, which can be a call for heavy periods. So avoid spicy food and try to take foods that are mild and cool.

10. Cool Cool Cucumber

Just like the watermelons, the summer blessing can help you delay your periods by eating fresh and cold cucumbers! This is because of its hydrating and cooling properties. You can enjoy eating a tasty cucumber salad or infuse it in water and make a detox drink.

11. Mango bark

The king of fruits packs up more medicinal properties than you know. You can use the bark of mango tree to delay your periods. Add about 10 ml extract of the mango bark to a cup of water and refrigerate it. Use about one tablespoon of this mixture frequently throughout the day to see effective results soon.

Downsides of delaying your period

Some of the natural methods to delay a period can cause side effects. Lemon juice and Apple Cider Vinegar may irritate the sensitive tissues in your mouth and throats. They can also weaken the enamel on your teeth.

On the other hand, Gelatin and gram lentils may lead to bloating and discomfort in the stomach and irregulate the bowel movements and digestive system.

It is possible that both natural and chemical remedies for delaying a period may not work. If they do not work out, you will have a period anyway. Irregular bleeding or spotting can also be there, even when there’s not a full period.


Menstruation Cycle is a sensitive body function of a female’s life which can be easily affected by diet and lifestyle. Taking a lot of stress and having an unhealthy diet and lifestyle can cause menstrual complications.

Postponing your periods should be preferably done after consulting a professional and under medical supervision to ensure that your health is being monitored properly while the body is going through hormonal changes.

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If you need to push forward your period for any reason, consult your gynecologist for safe and effective options. Most of the natural remedies, as mentioned above, are safe to try, though there are no studies or researches to proves that they are effective.

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What are the other ways I can delay my periods naturally?

Although not sure, some home remedies may delay your periods naturally are apple cider vinegar, mustard seeds, lemon water, mustard seeds are some of them. Go through our blog to read more.

How can I end my period faster?

Start exercising and eating well, avoid using tampons, more vitamin C, drink Rasberry red leaf tea, etc are a few ways by which you can naturally end your period faster.

What foods will make my period heavier?

Foods like beetroot, chocolate, honey, coffee and dairy products are few things which make your periods heavier and longer than normal.

What food should I avoid on my period?

Excess salt, sugar, coffee, alcohol, spicy food, red meat or food that are intolerant to must be avoided during periods.

Can stress delay your period?

Yep! Stress can affect your hormones in a way that changes your menstrual cycle. Other things can delay your period, too, like being sick, exercising a lot, having a low body weight, using a hormonal birth control method, or taking certain other medications.

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