Bacterial Vaginosis, shortly known as BV is a vaginal disorder caused by bacteria. Vagina consists of a combination of both good and bad bacteria. When this delicate balance is disturbed and the bad bacteria outnumber good ones, bacterial vaginosis takes place. This infection is characterized by abnormal vaginal discharge and foul odor from the vaginal area. Generally, BV doesn’t cause any other health issues but can be a risk factor in some situations.

Risk factors of Bacterial Vaginosis

  • Lack of good bacteria: Vagina has a combination of good-bad bacteria. The pH balance of the vaginal area is maintained by the bacterium “Lactobacilli” which belongs to good bacteria category. Vagina itself is responsible for its production. Diminished level of this bacteria can lead to bacterial vaginosis.
  • Smoking: Smoking has never done good to anyone but is common among youngsters today. Smoking gives way to harmful agents to the body which alters the pH balance of vagina indirectly.
  • Changing sex partners: Having sexual intercourse with multiple or changed sex partner, increase the risk of infection. As the balance of good and bad bacteria get disturbed with each intercourse.
  • Douching: the External cleansing of the vagina with water or some cleansing products can disrupt the normal pH balance of the vagina. It is important to be aware of the fact that the vagina is a self-regulatory organ and do the task of cleaning by own.
  • Unprotected intercourse: Sexual intercourse can lead to many transmitted diseases if not done with precautions. Often times, sex without a condom can lead to the disease. Vagina being a highly sensitive organ when comes in close contact with external body parts of the partner can give bacteria way to transmit.

Therefore, it is essentially important for women to maintain hygiene not occasionally but permanently and take necessary precautions during an intercourse to save themselves from bacterial infections.

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