Kidney stones are a very common ailment that can trouble people belonging to any age group and gender. These stones remain unidentified until they cause problematic symptoms that need immediate medical attention. 

The symptoms of kidney stones include vomiting, nausea, difficulty in passing urine, or dark-colored urine. But the most dreaded symptom is the kidney stone pain that comes in waves.

Once the kidney stones develop, these can make a person’s life miserable. We all know and understand that prevention is better than cure. Thus, it is better to lead a lifestyle that is healthy enough to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Let’s tell you the 5 simple yet effective steps of preventing kidney stones: 

  1. Drink lots of water to flush out toxins- Dehydration is one of the major causes of kidney stones. Therefore, if you want to reduce the risk of kidney stone formation, drinking enough water throughout the day is very important. Water flushes out the excess amounts of salts and minerals in the form of urine and thus prevents them from clumping together to form stone-like structures. Drink enough fluids and follow the 8×8 rule to prevent kidney stones.
    drink water-prevent kidney stones
  2. Cut down on salt and sugars- High sodium and sugar intake are major risk factors for kidneys stones. If you eat foods containing excess salt or sugar, it can lead to a condition called hypercalciuria, which means that a lot of calcium will be flushed out through the urine, thereby increasing the chances of kidney stone formation. Therefore, monitor the amount of salt and sugar you eat every day to keep the chances of kidney stones at bay.eat healthy to prevent kidney stones 
  3. Exercises that improve the blood circulation to kidney stones-  Exercising regularly keeps a check on obesity, blood pressure, and cholesterol that contribute to kidney stones. It is definitely an effective way of preventing kidney stones by eliminating toxins from the body. It is not about any particular exercise to follow, but the key is to remain active and sweat it out. Jogging and skipping are two common physical exercises beneficial in preventing new kidney stones.
    You can also rely on yoga exercises to stimulate the blood flow to the kidneys to improve their functioning. Bhujangasana, Ushtrasana, and Garudasana are the most popular yoga exercises for kidney stones.
    exercise to prevent kidney stones
  4. Don’t let your calcium intake drop- A drop in the body’s calcium levels can increase the oxalate levels and thus trigger the formation of stones in the kidney. Thus, you should make sure that you take adequate amounts of calcium recommended for your age. Along with calcium, also take proper amounts of Vitamin D so that the calcium can be absorbed by the body. Remember not to intake excessive calcium amounts and do not rely on calcium supplements for your daily calcium needs. Rather, try to take the calcium through the food you eat.Calcium rich foods-tp prevent kidney stones
  5. Avoid foods that trigger the formation of kidney stones- What you eat has a direct impact on how your body functions. Certain oxalate-rich foods like beets, spinach, nuts, tea, and chocolate are known to promote the formation of calcium stones in the body. Therefore, if you want to prevent kidney stones or if you are already dealing with them, try to avoid oxalate-rich foods. In addition to these, also try to limit the intake of animal proteins, caffeine, and colas. (Also Read: Foods to avoid with kidney stones)foods unhealthy for kidney stones

Other tips that help in preventing kidney stones

  • Basil juice flushes out toxins from the body and acts as a diuretic. It also keeps the uric acid levels in check and improves the overall functioning of the kidney.
  • Barley Water is another great remedy for kidney stones. It helps in maintaining an optimal pH in the body, thereby preventing kidney stones. Barley water also breaks up calcium oxalate masses in the kidney.
  • Eat fiber-rich foods like oats, bran, beans, and fresh fruits. This will help reduce the risk of kidney stones to a great extent. 
  • You can even prepare simple detox water using mint, cucumber, lemon, or watermelon. The detox water helps in keeping hydrated and healthy, thereby preventing kidney stones.
  • Avoid fried, greasy, and junk foods as these have adverse effects on the overall functioning of the body and can put you at an increased risk of kidney stones.

Take Away

Hopefully, all the simple things mentioned here will help you keep away from dreadful kidney stones. Though following all the steps or tips will prevent kidney stones to a great extent,  there is still a possibility that you may face the symptoms of kidney stones. 

It is highly advised to immediately seek doctor’s help as soon as you suspect to be dealing with kidney stones. The more you delay, the more kidney stones keep growing severe and painful. If you are currently looking out for a specialist’s help, you can easily get that at Pristyn Care.

Our doctors use modern treatments for kidney stones to provide permanent relief. So, just book your online appointment at Pristyn Care to get the best consultation experience. 

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