doctors advice on sex with phimosis

Do you face difficulty and pain in retracting the foreskin of your penis? Is the foreskin of your penis too tight to be pulled back over the head of your penis? If yes, then you may be having a problem called phimosis.

Phimosis is a fairly common penile problem in males. Phimosis is a congenital problem in about 96 percent of baby boys. This is called physiological phimosis. Adding to this, the problem gets resolved on its own in most cases as the child grows up. About only 2 percent of older boys and adult men face the condition and it is termed as pathological phimosis.

Phimosis can act as a risk factor for many other complications related to the penis. In addition to this, know that phimosis can also hinder a desired and healthy sexual life. Several males suffering from phimosis who come to me for consultation have a lot of queries about the problem. One of the queries that most patients have is whether they can lead a healthy and normal sexual life if they have phimosis. They want to know if phimosis will affect their sexual life in any manner.

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Advice on sex with phimosis

My advice would be that males with the problem of phimosis can still have sex. However, in serious cases of phimosis, having sex can worsen the problem and even lead to tearing of the foreskin that obviously is very painful. Therefore, it is recommended that Men having phimosis should not have sex without using condoms and proper amounts of lubricants. If you do not use condoms and lubricants, then friction during penetration will cause a lot of pain and can even aggravate the condition of phimosis. 

Sexual Experience With Phimosis

Most patients with tight foreskin complain that they are unable to enjoy sex. Although you may be able to get an erection with some effort, the sexual intercourse won’t be as pleasurable. Male sexual pleasure is a result of the glans penis rubbing against the vaginal wall. Your partner won’t feel any difference, but you won’t feel much pleasure. You cannot feel the best of sexual experience with phimosis because the stimulation of the glans penis gets obstructed. It happens as the foreskin does not retract to reveal the glans penis. Due to less stimulation, you may find it difficult to ejaculate and you may not even be able to hold the erection for much time.

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symptoms of phimosis

Another issue is that if in the heat of the moment if you forcibly retract the foreskin, it may get stuck and form a tight ring around the penis. This will make it difficult to pull the foreskin back to its normal position to cover the glans penis. Such a condition is called paraphimosis. And, paraphimosis is an emergency condition. Paraphimosis obstructs the blood flow to the penis and makes the swelling and pain more severe. This can lead to the death of tissues and even permanent damage to the penis. Thus, in such a case, immediately reach out to a specialist as soon as possible. 

Yet another reason why sex is not advisable for men with phimosis is that Phimosis increases the risk of contracting urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted infections like HPV, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc. Since it is difficult to retract the foreskin, pathogens can accumulate in the area under the foreskin. This can put both the patient and his partner at an increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases

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Solution for phimosis

Maintaining good hygiene of the penis is very important if you are suffering from phimosis. Good hygiene practices help wash off the dirt and sweat and help in preventing the growth of microbes. The glans and the foreskin should be washed and dried gently. Cotton wipes and swabs can also be used for the purpose. This will prevent further worsening of the condition.

However, if you are facing a lot of problems in your sexual life because of phimosis, consult a specialist. After diagnosis, some medicines and ointments are prescribed that helps in getting relief from the swelling and pain. Remember that these ointments might only provide a temporary solution if your case of phimosis is severe. Now, this leads to the question, “When no ointment brings permanent relief, what is the best treatment for phimosis?”

Well, in such cases of phimosis, laser circumcision is the best way out. It solves the problem of tight foreskin once and for all. Laser circumcision is a highly precise and modern procedure. Laser circumcision is minimally invasive, painless and the safest treatment for foreskin related problems. The procedure ensures zero chances of risks.

circumcision for phimosis

So, for a permanent solution to phimosis, laser circumcision is certainly the best option. Laser circumcision is available at PristynCare. Get in touch with us and get relief from the pain and discomfort of phimosis once and for all.

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