which technique of circumcision is better

Circumcision is used to treat or prevent a person from penile health problems. It is a surgical procedure of removing the foreskin (also known as prepuce) from the head of the penis. Foreskin removal is performed as a  religious practice for infants in various parts of the world. Infants belonging to Islam and Judaism are circumcised for religious purposes. Circumcision is also performed for medical and hygiene purposes. It can also reduce the risk of UTIs and some STDs like HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc to a great extent. 

Advances in the medical field have brought changes in the techniques of circumcision. According to doctors, modern laser and stapler circumcision are the best procedures for various penile problems. Let’s know further about the laser technique of circumcision.

Laser Circumcision

This is the most advanced procedure of circumcision. Laser circumcision is a surgical procedure that removes the excess foreskin from the head of the penis with the help of a high-intensity laser beam. This advanced procedure is non-invasive and painless. The laser beam directly acts only on the foreskin of the penis without affecting the neighboring tissues. No big incisions or stitches are carried out in the procedure.

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Laser circumcision is more effective as compared to the conventional methods of circumcision. Laser circumcision is performed as a daycare procedure that means that the person can go home on the same day. Healing is faster and easier and the patient can resume his normal routine within 2-3 days of the procedure.

laser circumcision performed by circumcision doctors

Benefits of Laser Circumcision

  • Procedure time- only 10-15 minutes
  • Painless surgery (under the effect of anesthesia)
  • No bleeding and scarring
  • Minimal swelling after foreskin removal
  • Same day-discharge (daycare/outpatient procedure)
  • Recovery period is less than a week
  • Zero risks of infections
  • No hemorrhage
  • No major restrictions on the lifestyle

Apart from laser surgery, other techniques of circumcision are also there. Those other two techniques of circumcision are open surgery and stapler circumcision. 

These two methods of circumcision are as follows:

Open Surgery

Open surgery(Dorsal Slit Technique) is the conventional/traditional technique for circumcision. In this procedure, the surgeon carries out the incision along the upper length of the foreskin from the tip of the corona, exposing the glans without removing any tissue. The procedure involves wounds and stitches.

Open circumcision takes prolonged recovery time. Thus, the patient has to stay in the hospital for a few days which may cause some inconvenience. It is a complex procedure and if not performed properly, can have harmful side effects, complications, or even permanent penile damage.

Some of the major complications involved with open circumcison include

  • Excessive pain after the surgery
  • Intraoperative-bleeding
  • High risks of infections and inflammation
  • long recovery period (can stretch up to 3-4 weeks
  • Chances of postoperative hematoma (collection of blood under the skin)
  • Swelling and soreness of the penis

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Stapler Circumcision

Stapler Circumcision is a modern technology to remove the layer of the foreskin by using a surgical stapler to cut and seal the cut skin edges. During this procedure, the patient is under the effect of anesthesia (local or general). As a result of which, it is a completely painless experience for the patient. The stapler circumcision duration is less than 30 minutes and the patient can go home the same day. After the procedure, the doctor advises the patient to avoid masturbation and sexual intercourse for a few days until the penis heals fully. Following the simple precaution keeps away the chances of any unwanted complications. 

As circumcision by stapler is a modern procedure, it is much better in comparison to open surgery. There is no involvement of any big incisions or cuts. This hastens up the recovery process and the patient can easily resume his normal routine life in 3-5 days.

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Benefits of stapler circumcision

  • No intolerable pain
  • No overnight hospitalization
  • Faster recovery
  • No restriction on work
  • Almost nil postoperative complications
  • No major blood loss
  • Very less chance of wound dehiscence

A short table of comparison to summarise these 3 techniques of circumcision:

Circumcision TechniqueTime to complete the procedurePain during and after circumcisionComplexity of procedureComplications and side-effects of circumcision
1. Laser circumcision20-3o minutesPainless surgery and only mild discomfort while recoveringPrecise and simple procedure with 95% success rateNil
2. Stapler Circumcision20-30 minutesPainless procedure and minimal discomforts after the treatmentHigh precision simple procedure with high success rateNil
3. Open circumcision45-60 minutesPainless and causes no major discomfortsQuite complex and invasive in natureHigh chances

By now you must have become clear about the different methods of circumcision. Let’s now know move on to the medical conditions where circumcision is an effective treatment. 

Medical reasons for circumcision


Phimosis is a condition in which the foreskin of the penis becomes too tight and does not easily retract. It can occur naturally or as a result of scarring, inflammation, or infections. Phimosis can cause the obstruction of the urinary stream and problems related to fertility and sex.


Paraphimosis is a condition in which the retracted foreskin of the penis cannot be pulled back into its normal position to cover the head of the penis. This condition occurs due to the swelling or tightness of the foreskin. Paraphimosis is an emergency urological condition as it can lead to decreased blood flow to the glans penis. The obstruction of the blood flow can result in the death of the tissues of the penis.

man suffering from phimosis- penile problem

Balanitis is a condition of swelling of the glans penis (head of the penis). Poor hygiene and the accumulation of bacteria, skin, and sweat under the foreskin are the major causes of balanitis. The condition is painful and causes a lot of discomforts.


Balanoposthitis is a condition of swelling of both the glans penis and the foreskin. It can occur due to a number of reasons. Poor hygiene and tight foreskin are the major risk factors for balanoposthitis.

Thus, circumcision is a medical necessity as it helps in curing the above-mentioned conditions.

In addition, many males choose to undergo circumcision for better sexual performance and improved cosmetic appearance of the penis.

Choose the right method of circumcision for better health

You should be very careful and measure the pros and cons before undergoing any treatment. Therefore, the wisest choice is to go for laser or stapler circumcision that is the least invasive. Both laser and stapler circumcision are available at Pristyn Care. You do not have to worry much as only the skilled and experienced urologists or circumcision surgeons of Pristyn Care perform this procedure. The treatment will be actually seamless for you. To know more about the treatment, get in touch with Pristyn Care. Our medical coordinator will be more than happy to help you with any concerns or queries.

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Is it safe to undergo circumcision?

The modern procedure of circumcision is safe in comparison to conventional open surgery. Advanced procedures such as stapler and laser circumcision are absolutely safe and offer speedy recovery to the patient. 

Is circumcision safe for infants?

Advanced laser circumcision is safe for all age groups. It is non-invasive in nature and there are no wounds or stitches to take care of. Thus, it is absolutely reliable technique of circumcision for infants.

How to get permanent relief from phimosis?

Circumcision is a surgical procedure that ensures permanent relief from the tight foreskin of the penis (phimosis). It is the most sought-after option especially when no other medicine or home remedy brings desired results. 

Can circumcision prevent the transmission of HIV?

The removal of the layer of the foreskin through circumcision greatly reduces the chances of thriving of the virus. The virus finds the warm and moist condition under the foreskin quite favorable. Thus, circumcision proves to help in keeping away the chances of contracting HIV by up to 60%. 

How to get rid of balanitis?

There are ointments and medicines that mostly provide relief in the mild conditions of balanitis. When there is no improvement or balanitis recurs, circumcision is recommended by the doctors. It is the permanent solution to get rid of recurring inflammation of the glans penis.