female having backspin in pregnancy

For many females, one of the biggest complaints in early pregnancy is back pain. Almost half of all pregnant females experience back pain in early pregnancy. 

It is easy to pinpoint the cause of back pain in the later stages of the growing belly in pregnancy. But, what is the reason behind back pain in early pregnancy? Read ahead to find out causes and solutions for back pain in early pregnancy. 

Causes of back pain in pregnancy- first trimester

There are many reasons responsible for the back pain of female experiences during pregnancy. For some females, back pain is an early sign of pregnancy. Here are the causes of back pain in early pregnancy, especially the first trimester-


  • Increase in pregnancy hormones 

During pregnancy, the female’s body releases hormones that help the ligaments and joints in the pelvis to soften and loosen, in order to support pregnancy. This is important for the delivery of the baby, later in the pregnancy. But the hormones do not just work in the pelvis. They move throughout the entire body, affecting all of the joints. In the first trimester of the pregnancy, this softening and loosening of the ligaments and joints can directly impact the back. The female will often feel this in the form of back pain.


  • Stress

Stress can also contribute to back pain, whether a female is pregnant or not. Stress can increase muscle pain and tightness, particularly in the areas of weakness. If the hormones are already wreaking havoc on the joints and ligaments, stress about anything at all can cause back pain.

Back pain in pregnancy- second and third trimester

female having backspin in pregnancy

As the pregnancy progresses, other factors can contribute to aggravating back pain.


  • Shifting center of gravity

As the belly gets bigger, the center of gravity moves forward. This can cause changes in body posture and affect how the female sits, stands, moves, and sleeps. Bad posture, standing for long, lifting weights or bending over, can trigger or worsen backache in pregnancy.


  • Weight gain

A pregnant female’s back supports the growing weight of the baby, which can strain her muscles. In addition, poor posture can trigger or worsen back pain. Overweight pregnant females or females who have had back pain before getting pregnant are at a higher risk of back pain in pregnancy.

Treatment for back pain in early pregnancy

pregnant female holding her belly

No matter what stage of the pregnancy it is, there are several ways to treat back pain. The pregnant female probably would not be able to prevent it completely, but can sure minimize the pain. 

Follow the below-mentioned tips to reduce or minimize back pain in pregnancy-

  1. Maintain good posture while sitting or standing. Stand with your back straight, chest high, and shoulders relaxed.
  2. Avoid standing for long periods. If you are on your feet a lot, rest one foot on an elevated surface.
  3. Squat instead of bending down the waist.
  4. Avoid lifting heavy weights or objects.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes that offer support.
  6. Try sleeping on the side, not the back, with pillows tucked beneath the belly and between knees for gentle support.
  7. Practice pregnancy-safe exercises to strengthen and support the abdomen and back.
  8. Get plenty of rest.

If the back pain seems to be linked to stress levels, things like meditation, yoga, and extra rest can be helpful to manage stress levels and relieve back pain.

A pregnant female can use an ice pack to provide relief to back pain. Prenatal massages can work wonderfully in relaxing and soothing the pain. If the back pain is excessive, speak to a doctor about medications to treat the pain and inflammation. Do not take any medication without approval from the doctor first.

When to contact your doctor

Back pain is mainly a normal part of the pregnancy. But in some cases, back pain can be a sign of serious problems, such as preterm labor or a UTI. Back pain accompanied by fever, burning sensation while urinating, or vaginal bleeding should not be ignored. If you experience one or more of these symptoms, contact the doctor right away.


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