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The greatest joy a woman comes across during their life is when she gets to know that she will be a mother. The news of bringing another life in this world is really exhilarating. However, donning the role of a mother can be frightening too.

The thought of taking care of a whole new human being can make a woman anxious as well as apprehensive. The do’s and don’ts during pregnancy makes the new mommy stressed and feel uneasy. Prenatal stress can impact the development of the growing fetus. In such cases, gynecologists recommend meditation.

Know how meditation works for pregnant women so that the baby remains healthy.

10 Benefits of Meditating Regularly during Pregnancy

  1. Calms Stress During Pregnancy

    This is the biggest benefit for a pregnant woman. Pregnancy stress is a very common health condition. The fear of nurturing a child can lead to the release of cortisol and other stress hormones. If the body keeps on producing cortisol for a long period of time and at high levels, it can lead to inflammation in the body. An inflammatory response can increase the risk of premature birth or lower birth weight.

  2. Gives physical benefits to both the would-be mother and the baby

    Meditating regularly from the inception of pregnancy till childbirth has proven to be beneficial for not only the expecting mother but also the growing baby. (Also Read: 10 Easy And Safe Exercises During Pregnancy )

    Some of the benefits for the baby inside the womb are-
    -It improves their immunity
    -The child does not have any cognitive problems
    -Baby is fit- emotionally as well as physically

    Some of the benefits for the mother are-
    -Decreases fear of childbirth
    -Manages the labor-induced pain
    -Manages insomnia symptoms

  3. Helps the would-be mom sleep better

    Pregnancy often interferes with a good night’s sleep as the would-be mother has to get up and use the washroom several times at night. Women who are pregnant also complain about insomnia and wakefulness. Another problem that women come across is a proper sleeping position as the belly grows with each passing day. Studies show that women who practice meditation regularly are able to sleep better. (Also Read: What are the best sleeping positions during pregnancy? )

  4. Reduces the Risk of Depression

    The thought of life completely changing with a baby can sometimes push a would-be mother into depression. This type of depression is known as Perinatal depression. Every one in five women is affected by this depression. A pregnant woman should refrain from taking any antidepressants because it can be harmful to the baby. Meditation is the safest option in such circumstances. It not only decreases the symptoms of depression but also makes motherhood more pleasant. (Also Read: How does pregnancy change the female? )

  5. Distracts the Mind from Bad Habits

    During pregnancy, Meditation increases inner concentrations like no other yoga or physical activity can. Lifestyle choices such as cigarettes, junk food, caffeine or wine can harm the baby or lead to a miscarriage. But these practices are very hard to resist even for a pregnant woman. Meditation can distract the mind from these choices and help in focussing on positive changes that motherhood brings. (Also Read: Smoking and its implications on Pregnancy )

  6. Lowers the Elevated Heart Rate

    During pregnancy, the heart has to pump more blood not only for the expecting mother but also for the baby growing inside the uterus. Hence, it is normal to have an elevated heart rate in pregnant women. However, an elevated heart rate can also indicate that you are tensed or agitated. This can prove to be harmful to both the mother and the baby. Meditation helps in the maintenance of proper heart rate in both the mother and the baby.

  7. Establishes Stronger Relations

    There is a popular belief that talking to the baby during the tenure of pregnancy helps in developing a stronger bond between the baby and the mother. But some women are unable to do so in the fear that they’ll be judged. Meditation, in that case, is a reliable medium for the mom-to-be to connect and build communication with the baby.

  8. Helps To Plan a Positive Labour

    One of the biggest fears that pregnant women apprehend is, childbirth. This apprehension can adversely affect the childbirth experience. Meditation helps to visualize the whole process so that by the time the due date arrives, the woman is prepared and in complete control. It also helps the woman ponder upon the whole childbirth experience and convert it into reality. (Also Read: Why there is Pain Near the Belly Button During Pregnancy? )

  9. Eases out Childbirth Pain and Anxiety

    Nothing can change the fact that childbirth is extremely painful and stressful. Meditation boosts natural painkillers in the body that is more powerful than artificial ones. Hence, practicing meditation lowers relying on drugs and assures easier labor. During and after meditation, the body releases endorphins which are 100 times more powerful than morphine!

  10. Baby is Calmer

    Regular meditation during the gestation period can actually affect the baby’s overall behavior. The baby born is calmer and more composed if pregnant the woman regularly practices meditation. You can also chant mantras or prayer into the meditation as the baby can begin to hear after the 16th week. 

Final Words

Apart from meditation, it is important that pregnant women take special care of their diet and take proper rest. Find your own way of meditation, be it focussing on an object, mantras, visualizing or chanting and incorporate into your daily routine. A happy pregnancy would ensure a happy and healthy baby!

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