Carbonated Beverages May Be Hurting Your Kidneys

“Carbonated Drinks or Kidney” Your Choice

If you have a penchant for drinking carbonated beverages then you might be raising your risk for kidney disease, recent research suggests. As it is known these beverages have always been in a glaringly obvious relationship with obesity and diabetes. Now, the kidney problems seem to have joined the infamous club too. In the last few years, the consumption of carbonated beverages has shot up by 18 % and renal diseases have gained about 30 % more patients. Coincidence? Well, researchers don’t think so.

Risk factors of kidney disease with a carbonated drink

The most common risk factors for kidney disease are diabetes, hypertension and family history. Two out of these three along with kidney stones also effect of consumption of the carbonated drink. So, drinking soda or other such beverages every day is the award-winning recipe for high blood pressure, reduced kidney function, and kidney stones. 

In a study by NHS says, people who consumed a large amount of soda daily, experienced a 30% greater decline in their normal kidney function in 20 years as compared to the people who did not consume soda at all.


Cola beverages are many a time desired for that characteristic tangy taste, which is surely refreshing for both mind and mouth. That tangy taste is given to it by adding lots and lots of phosphoric acid. This acid then shows urinary changes in the body, more protein starts getting thrown out of the body, this condition is known as proteinuria and is one of the sure markers of kidney malfunctioning. And has some very serious long term consequences.


In another study which was conducted by NIH, it was seen that in a group of random men with kidney stones, the recurrence of the stones was more in men that consumed carbonated cola when compared to those who had occasional or no consumption at all. 

The frequency of consumption was also found to go hand in hand with the frequency of recurrence of the stone. That is people who consumed more cola had more frequently occurring stones. 

Kidney stone symptoms and risks

The signs of kidney stones may be: 

  • Blood in urine
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Chills
  • Frequent need to urinate
  • Urinating in a small amount 

The tests to rule out kidney stones are: 

  • Abdominal X-ray
  • Ultrasound of the kidney
  • MRI scan of the kidney and abdomen
  • Abdominal CT

Treatment options for kidney stones are: 

  • Medication

To get relief from pain, the doctors suggest certain medications. They may be for treating the infection. Remember, it may not completely remove the kidney stones but provide temporary relief from the symptoms causing pain and discomfort. 

  • Lithotripsy

These are sound waves that break up large stones so that they pass out easily through the ureters into the gallbladder. This may require anesthesia and cause bruising in the abdomen. 

  • Ureteroscopy

When a stone is inside the ureter or bladder, the doctor uses a ureteroscope for kidney stone removal. A thin tube-like instrument with a camera on top of it goes into the urethra and passes into the bladder. That is how the removal process takes place.  

High on soda or sugar? Read this

If you are a diet soda lover or other artificially sweet beverage drinker and planning to party for successfully skipping above the harmful effects, then I apologize for being a party pooper but you are not out of the woods yet. And yes it also includes sugar-free diet soda. The diet-soda drinkers experience a steep drop in their one of the very important kidney functions known as GFR (glomerular filtration rate) over time. As time passes, GFR drops down gradually but the rate of decline in diet soda drinkers is 3 times more than the normal decline. 


Those who prefer sugar-sweetened soda have the same story as others. The excessive sweetness is provided by adding fructose to the drinks. Fructose belongs to the same family as our normal sugar but it is one grade up. It is sweeter than normal sugar and is also much more harmful in large doses. Regular consumption of fructose-containing beverages poses a great risk to the kidney by increasing blood pressure. High amount of fructose also causes inflammation and damage to the kidneys. Fructose messes up the kidney this much even when 70 % of it is absorbed by the liver. Even just 30 % creates havoc by also increasing uric acid levels in our body. 

Uric acid is formed in our body after the complete breakdown and absorption of food. And the increase of levels of uric acid above the normal levels is known as Hyperuricemia. Hyperuricemia then, in turn, causes various diseases in the body like gout.


If you are now planning to consume it in a safe amount daily then this is the news for you. You can not say that soda is safe. Even one small can daily is not safe, if you take one can a day you will exceed the maximum level of per day sugar consumption.


Be it a cola or non-cola, normal or diet soda, sugar-sweetened or sugar-free these beverages. They are all a big threat to your health and will sooner or later cause some very serious health issues. So, replacing these chemical drinks with more natural drinks, consuming citric acid instead of phosphoric acid seems to be the ticket out of this web of diseases. Consuming lemonade or other fruit juices noncarbonated one mind you is definitely one of the better solutions.

More consumption of carbonated drinks leads to kidney stones as we see above. In spite of taking medication, if the stones do not get the right treatment, they may grow in size. Pristyn Care provides the best treatment for kidney stones with the availability of the latest technology and seamless care.


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