female having Low blood pressure in pregnancy

Low blood pressure in pregnancy is normal. Fluctuating hormones and changes in the blood circulation can often lower blood pressure, especially during the first and second trimester of pregnancy.

Low blood pressure, also known as hypotension during pregnancy does not usually cause significant health problems or complications. In most cases, low blood pressure in pregnancy can be self-treated with lifestyle changes and some home remedies.  

Very low blood pressure can become a cause for concern, and some females experience troubling symptoms due to low blood pressure. 

What can cause low bp in pregnancy?

Low blood pressure in pregnancy happens because the female’s body secretes hormones, and progesterone in greater amounts, which help to relax the walls of the blood vessels and increase the blood flow to the baby. This functioning of the body which causes low bp in pregnancy cannot be prevented. 

Occasionally, low bp in pregnancy may indicate some other problem. Many females experience low bp in the case of an ectopic pregnancy, in which the egg is fertilized outside the uterus. And if the blood pressure falls extremely low, it may cause dizziness, fainting, or shock, in which the brain and other vital organs do not get enough blood to work properly.

Symptoms of low blood pressure in pregnancy

female having Low blood pressure in pregnancy

Signs and symptoms of low blood pressure in pregnancy may include:

  • lightheadedness 
  • fainting
  • tiredness
  • blurred vision
  • dizziness
  • unusual thirst
  • nausea
  • pale or cold skin
  • rapid breathing
  • lack of concentration

Call your doctor if you develop any symptoms of low bp during pregnancy.

Does blood pressure affect the baby?

Many types of research have been conducted on how low blood pressure during pregnancy affects babies, but data is still limited and is not conclusive.

Some studies have revealed that low bp during pregnancy can lead to problems like stillbirth and low birth weight. However, other research has stated that additional risk factors also play a major role in such outcomes.

More research and accurate conclusions are needed to understand the impact of low bp in pregnancy on the health of a baby.

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Who is at risk of having low bp in pregnancy

Some other factors can contribute to the risk of low blood pressure in pregnancy, including-

  • infections
  • dehydration
  • malnutrition
  • anemia
  • prolonged bed rest
  • allergic reactions
  • internal bleeding
  • heart conditions
  • endocrine disorders
  • Certain diseases including Parkinson’s disease and diabetes in pregnancy  

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Complications of Low Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

While many females who have low blood pressure before and during pregnancy do not have any major health issues because of it, there are some complications that are at an increased risk with low bp.

One common complication of low bp in pregnancy is dizziness. As fainting and dizziness as it can lead to fainting, falling, or injury, it can be dangerous.

Additionally, research has also revealed a link between low bp in pregnancy and increased symptoms of morning sickness.

Diagnosis of low bp in pregnancy

female having Low blood pressure in pregnancy

Low bp in pregnancy is diagnosed with a simple test. The doctor will place an inflatable cuff around the arm and use a gauge to measure the pressure to calculate the blood pressure.

This test for bp can be performed in the doctor’s clinic. If a female has low blood pressure throughout her pregnancy, the doctor suggests order more tests to rule out the risk of other conditions.


Generally, a female will not require treatment for low bp during pregnancy. Doctors typically do not recommend medications for pregnant females unless symptoms are serious or complications. Low blood pressure is likely to cause more problems during the third trimester.

Home remedies for low bp in pregnancy

A pregnant female can try some home remedies to get rid of low blood pressure during pregnancy. Some safe and effective remedies to treat and normalize low blood pressure in pregnancy include- 

  • Drink saltwater
  • Eat a handful of raisins daily 
  • Add basil Basil to your diet
  • Drink beetroot Juice
  • Add ginger to your foods or tea
  • Add the herb Aniseed in your meals
  • Drink Lemon Juice
  • Have a glass full of fresh carrot juice
  • Drink Almond Milk (soak and crush almond to make a paste and add it to the milk)


Final Words

If a female has high or low blood pressure before pregnancy, she should seek her doctor’s advice and work with her doctor to have a healthy pregnancy and discuss any possible complications and how to minimize them.  

If you develop high blood pressure or low bp in pregnancy, seek immediate help from your doctor. Your doctor can help minimize the symptoms and help you carry on a safe and healthy pregnancy. 

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