Modern ENT problems with modern solutions

With more and more inventions, innovations, and technologies surfacing to make life easier, gone are the times when people use to look at the wheel and feel awe! In today’s world, even aircraft and hoverboards are something that we see and not get surprised. Every industry is leveraging the help of big computing machines, thinking robots and electro-mechanical labor. A lot of business domains are setting up the building blocks for the organization to come. The healthcare industry is also sitting in the front row for the paradigm shift to come and running at the same pace as modern computer science.

But, we have to understand the risks such developments and advancements are imposing on our daily lives and may inflict on the generations to come. Be advised, if you are feeling any discomfort, or facing symptoms of illness in ear, nose, and throat, make an appointment with an ENT specialist. Let’s look at the problems which are being caused by the adverse effects of modernization.

1. Ear

Ear infection from pollution or shower water

Ear disorders from polluted water; choose ENT treatment at Pristyn Care

In a lot of cases, bacteria and fungi are responsible for the infection. The same can be a result of an injury from an earbud to clean your ear canal. The chances of infection from dirty water in your ears are also high if you don’t clean your ears. Frequent showering can also increase the risk of getting an infection. Outer ear infections can happen in the summer from swimming in polluted water. Additionally, people can get afflicted from outer ear infections repeatedly, especially if they clean their ears too vigorously.

Perforation due to loud noise from headphones or earphones

Perforation due to loud noise from headphones or earphones

We all use headphones and enjoy the privacy they have to offer, but we forget to be conscious of the dangers headphones impose. Most of us crank up the volume while listing to the songs we love to unhealthy levels and may damage hearing in the long-term.

Hearing loss has a major effect on the capability of the person to hear musical details which negate the use of high-end headphones. Everyone should use headphones responsibly and learn how to avoid hearing damage and this is something regular headphone users must be aware of.

2. Nose

Sinus inflammation and nasal congestion from pollution

Sinus inflammation and nasal congestion from pollution

Inflammation happens in the lungs of people with asthma in polluted areas, so evidently, chronic exposure to air pollution may lead to inflammation of sinuses. Although research on the effects of population on humans has linked air pollution to chronic inflammation of nasal and sinus tissues. But, direct biological and molecular evidence for cause and effect has been scant. Researchers have investigated smog, ash, and particulates from industrial smokestacks that pollute air quality aggravate and raise rates of sinus symptoms.

Runny nose from going in & out of air conditioning

Yes, air-conditioners make people’s noses clog or runny when people go in & out of AC quite frequently. How! See that when you walk into a cold, dry room, it may trigger a runny nose, just as walking outside on a cold winter day make people reach-out for tissues.

The cold air trigger nervous system reflexes in the nose that leads to glands in the nasal membranes to produce mucus. The issue is particularly common in people with allergies. But changes in temperature and humidity may trigger only brief congestion. If a patient doesn’t maintain well and everything he or she may breathe needs to filter.

3. Throat

Throat infection from pollution and smoking

Throat infection from pollution or smoking

Air pollution inflicts a lot of adverse effects on our health. It is not expected to rise on a day-to-day basis at such levels which people need to make major changes to their habits to avoid exposure. Indoor air pollution can also cause serious respiratory diseases, including lung cancer. During fall and winter, a person is at even greater risk as windows are tightly shut and less fresh air is allowed to circulate.

But how? See, cigarette smoke, smoke from cooking or even fumes of certain foods can cause inflammation in glands in the throat. However, cigarette remains the biggest offender.

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Inflamed tonsils from secondhand smoke

do not smoke to keep throat infections away

When people refer to tonsils, they mean pharyngeal tonsils. The thing is, all tonsils are lymphoid tissue which implies that if the immune system is activated for some reason, maybe from an infection, then the lymphoid tissue will swell. This is one cause for tonsils to be swollen.

There are many other causes of tonsillar swelling. Including a more sinister process such as cancer. This would typically be unilateral, present with pain or difficulty swallowing. The most prominent risk factor for developing a tonsil cancer is smoking, so with your risk factors, I think that it is worthwhile to get evaluated by an ENT. They may be able to tell you what they think is going on, and see if you have any symptoms something even more severe.

Advanced treatments for healthy living!

doctor patient consultation for advanced surgical procedures

Specialized daycare treatments using advanced technologies, offer the finest line of healthcare to keep you happy and healthy. Advanced treatments performed by skilled and trained doctors ensure the best results you can expect.

We at Pristyn Care use only the most current state-of-the-art, FDA-approved procedures, and aesthetic equipment. Our patients know about an ongoing commitment to high-quality healthcare and healthy living. Our team of experts will help and recommend the best treatments and procedures that will help you to stay fit and well.

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