Harsitha, 22, lives with her parents in Bangalore. With rising pollution in Bangalore, she had been suffering from episodes of blocked nose and headache quite frequently. She sought to undergo a functional endoscopic sinus surgery from Pristyn Care. Here’s how her experience was. 

How was your experience at Pristyn Care?

It was an absolutely smooth experience and comfortable recovery, without any pain and risks. The medical coordinator was supportive and extremely polite.Thanks to the doctor from Pristyn Care, there was no problem at all at any step. I would like to appreciate the team’s efforts, coordination and strong work ethics, says Harshitha. 

Harsitha’s Story-

One fine day, while she was at work and going by her day, she started having a mild headache with signs of nose blockage. She researched the symptoms online when she came across Pristyn Care clinic. As per her convenience, the coordinator booked an appointment for her the next day. 

After meeting with Dr. Manu at the Pristyn Care clinic in Jayanagar, she explained her problem in detail. After gaining the necessary details and physically examining her, the doctor concluded that she is a patient of sinusitis.

The main reason for sinusitis is when the sinuses are unable to drain mucus due to an infection due to which there are  headaches and nasal congestion. The infection can be due to inhaling several allergens and pollutants,the doctor explained. The doctor suggested her functional endoscopic sinus surgery. 

A Functional Endoscopic Sinusitis Surgery is performed to drain the infected sinuses with a special instrument, an endoscope. There won’t be visible scars as it is performed inside the nose.” 

He gave Harshitha a realistic picture of the surgery.  He explained that she would be sedated during the whole procedure hence, she won’t be able to feel any pain. Once the surgery is complete, he’ll place a nasal packing inside the nose to curb the bleeding. However, during the recovery there can be some mild swelling that subsides within a couple of days. After hearing this, Harshitha was fully convinced and she agreed for an endoscopic procedure.

She was provided with free transportation services as promised by Pristyn Care. A  At the hospital too, she didn’t have to fill out a single form during the admission process as the dedicated Care Buddy took care of that.  

She was operated on the following weekend. It was 100% successful. She was discharged the next day. After 7 days, the doctor confirmed that the healing process is going as expected and that there are no major side effects. She was back to work within a week and there were no signs of any pain. 

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