The following is the story of Tej Singh Tomar, one of the patients from Pristyn Care who got laser surgery for piles. the story is shared by Tej Singh Tomar’s wife Rajni Tomar.

I am Rajni Tomar. My husband, Tej Singh Tomar, had been a patient of piles for a few years. In the beginning, when we first noticed the problem, we gave it time to heal by itself and tried some home remedies to help the healing. When that didn’t work, we started using some creams and ointments for the swelling and bleeding. After giving it a few days, when we didn’t see any results, we thought it was best to see a doctor. 

My husband went to a number of physicians and doctors, but he did not get relief anywhere. Over the course of two years, he went to around 5 doctors, and everyone gave the same treatment, medicines, and precautions. My husband’s condition got worse and it became difficult for him to stay at his job from morning till evening. We were desperately looking for a place where we could find an end to this problem. 

Then I came to know about Prystin Care in Bhopal. The person who recommended the hospital praised a lot about their services. We decided to give it a shot and see a doctor at Prystin Care. When we went to see the doctor, he asked my husband some questions, examined him, and told him that his problem needed immediate treatment. When we asked for treatment options for the fastest relief, the doctor suggested surgery.  My husband was skeptical about the surgery because he said that he will have to take a long medical leave for it and the recovery too. But the doctor told us that the surgery will take only a couple hours, and my husband won’t feel any pain or get any stitches. The recovery period would also be only a week at max. My husband agreed to the surgery and came for it after two days. 

The hospital staff took very good care of him. Pristyn Care’s patient buddy stayed with him all the time and got him his meals and medicines on time. This enabled me to take care of my home and children side by side as well. After two days, a final physical examination was done, and the doctor told us that my husband had finally gotten rid of piles. 

We came home, and within a week, my husband was able to resume his work too. The follow-ups confirmed that the problem had been completely cured. We are very thankful to Prystin Care for helping us and giving us such wonderful services and wish the organization the best of luck.

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