Cramps Without Periods

Being a woman is a blessing! Unfortunately, not always. Sometimes when we make a list of what we have to go through, we realize we go through a lot. But then again it’s always a matter of pride to be born as a woman. From period cramps to pregnancy, a female body goes through a lot of phases and changes. These are some natural symptoms and we also know how to deal with many of them by now. Be it with the help of medicines or lifestyle changes, we now know how to combat those blues and smile always with all those responsibilities piled up.

One of the major reasons for cramps is obviously periods. The monthly indication confirming us the non-pregnancy is although a happy indicator when you do not want to be a mommy and also indicates that your ovulation process is proper and timely. But there could be other reasons for cramps too. Yes! That’s what we are going to discuss in this blog. 

Let’s see what those other possible reasons for cramps without periods are:

  1. IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease):
    This can affect several parts of the gut and is also an autoimmune system. You may experience severe cramps if you suffer from IBD and inflammation in the abdomen is also felt commonly. This might be due to eating several types of foods such as spices, caffeine and milk. (Also Read: IBS vs. IBD- Know The Difference)
  2. Ovulation:
    Ovulation happens around the 10th or 14th day of the menstrual cycle and it’s when the ovaries release an egg. While ovulation you might experience sharp or dull pain on either side of the belly or lower abdomen area. The pain depends on which ovary releases the egg and usually strikes at the same place.
  3. Ruptured ovarian cyst:
    It is a sac-like structure with fluid that forms on your ovaries. Though a ruptured ovarian cyst does not cause pain, it might lead to light cramps or sharp sudden pain in the lower abdomen.
  4. Miscarriage:
    Miscarriage is the loss of an unborn baby that usually occurs before the 12th week of pregnancy. Miscarriages are mainly due to abnormal or chromosomal abnormalities. You will experience a sharp pain that is usually experienced during periods and that will turn severe with cramps. 
    life after miscarriage-compressed
  5. Ectopic pregnancy:
    This is the case where the baby grows outside the uterus in one of the fallopian tubes. It is a life-threatening complication for a mother. You will feel a sharp throbbing pain on one side of the abdomen.
  6. PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease):
    This is a condition where the bacterial infection spreads through intercourse and affects organs, cervix, womb, fallopian tubes, and the vagina. Mild cramps are experienced on both sides of the abdomen and lower back. In most cases, pain and cramps are quite severe and intense.
  7. Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction:
    In this condition, severe spasms in the muscles supporting the womb, bladder, vagina, and rectum are felt. Due to the pain in the groin and back, you are likely to experience pain in the lower abdomen and sitting bones including cramp-like feeling.
  8. Endometriosis:
    It’s a chronic condition where the endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus and causes severe pain that may radiate to the legs and lower back. The pain is severe during bowel movements too and you will experience periods like cramps at any time of the month. 
  9. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome):
    IBS is a gastrointestinal disorder that will cause pain for at least three months. You will feel a sudden flash of pains and cramps which will improve after a bowel movement.
  10. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS):
    Usually before 7-14 days of your period date every month, you are likely to experience PMS followed by irritation and sudden food cravings with unusual cramps. (Also Read: 9 Effective Tips to Overcome Premenstrual Syndrome)
    Menstrual Bleeding disorder 
  11. Perimenopause:
    It is a transition from reproductive state to menopause where ovaries stop releasing eggs and you can no longer conceive. This might bring you periods like cramps and sharp pains in the lower abdomen.
  12. Stress:
    Stress is such a demon. You won’t even realize that it has crept in. Stress may occur due to any reason. Stress might make you feel tired, anxious and there can be a pain in thighs, abdominal area, foot, and calf regions.
  13. Ovarian cancer:
    You might mistake the pains that are caused at the onset of ovarian cancer for gas or constipation. Bloating, swelling, urinary urgency, loss of appetite and severe or light cramps could be experienced in such a case.
  14. Appendicitis:
    Appendicitis will cause mild or severe cramps and you sometimes will experience sharp and intense pain while coughing, sneezing or swift-moving.
    Understanding the symptoms of Appendicitis
  15. Cervix Stenosis: 
    This is a painful condition in which the opening of the cervix is unusually narrow or almost closed which causes the uterus to fill with pus or blood causing severe pains and cramps. 

Take Away

It might be stressful to experience pain, but no period and can be easy to locate the cause of the same. In such a case, take a deep breath, lay down and rest for a while. This might help in subsiding the pain. But you must be observant enough to make a quick decision to consult a doctor with such prolonged symptoms. 

Also, make yourself aware of some natural and home remedies to treat such unexpected pains as they might also be a result of stress which we often ignore and do not consider. Keep yourself active, stay hydrated, do not overstress your body or mind and stay happy and positive. 

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