Sex During Pregnancy- 10 Common Myths and Misbeliefs

You may have heard several warnings about how harmful is sex during pregnancy. But the truth is, most of those warnings are mere myths and misconceptions. A lot of couples do not really know what they should and should not do regarding sex during pregnancy. 

As a result of incorrect knowledge, many couples refrain from sex as they do not want “any risks”. But, sex during pregnancy has no risks. Rarely, some females may be suggested to avoid sex during pregnancy due to their complicated pregnancy.

But for others, you need not hold your sexual desires. Here are the common myths and misbeliefs about sex during pregnancy with their factual explanation! 


1. Sex during pregnancy is harmful

Depiction of happy pregnant couple in bed

The developing baby is shielded by the amniotic fluid in the mother’s uterus. Even the strong muscles of the uterus act as a protective barrier for the baby. 

Pregnancy sex will not affect the baby unless the female has complications like preterm labor or placenta problems. However, for some females, pregnancy can cause changes in the level of comfort and sexual drive. 


2. Sex can harm the baby

Pregnant women showing belly

This is not true! Sex in no way is harmful to the baby unless there are contraindications or complications, which the doctor will tell the couple during regular check-ups. The amniotic sac protects the fetus, so, sex will not harm the baby in any way. (Also Read: 8 Benefits and Effects of Sex During Pregnancy)


3. Sex during pregnancy can cause Miscarriage


Having sex during pregnancy will not provoke a miscarriage. Miscarriages commonly occur because the fetus does not develop normally. 

So, in normal pregnancies, sex cannot bring out such adverse effects. Sex is not even slightly harmful but has benefits in normal and healthy pregnancies. 


4. You do not need to use condoms

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Most people are of the view that they don’t need to use condoms while having sex during pregnancy. The fact that condoms prevent transmission of various STIs and STDs is often neglected. 

Having an STI or sexually transmitted infection during pregnancy can lead to serious health concerns for you and the baby. So, the best advice is to avoid unprotected vaginal, oral and anal sex. 

Avoid sexual contact with your partner if he has an active or recently diagnosed STI. Always use a condom if:

  • You and your partner are not in a monogamous relationship
  • Having sex with a new partner during pregnancy

5.  Avoid sex to keep pregnancy healthy 

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Breast stimulation, orgasms, and prostaglandins (hormone present in semen) can lead to uterine contractions. Avoid having any sort of sexual intercourse in the following cases- 

  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Leaking amniotic fluid
  • The cervix begins to open prematurely (also known as cervical incompetence)
  • The expecting mother’s placenta partly or completely covers the cervical opening (placenta previa)
  • The expecting mother has a history of premature birth or preterm labor

6. Women have low sex drive during pregnancy

happy pregnant couple in bed

Well, it is true that some females do not want to have sex in the first trimester. It is because the body is adapting to the pregnancy in that phase. 

Due to so many hormones rushing to and fro in the female’s body and the fetus developing in the womb, she may feel nauseous and wiped out. But, in the second trimester, the mother’s condition gets better and her body also adapts to the pregnancy. 

So, pregnancy mostly does not have an impact on sex drive. Most females continue having sex throughout their healthy pregnancy. But some may not be that comfortable.  So, it is all a matter of personal choice and health. 


7. Pregnancy sex is painful

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Well, part of this statement is true. Some positions can be uncomfortable and are off-limits during pregnancy. It is because some sex positions can cause pain to the mother by putting extra pressure on the abdomen region or the baby belly. 

But, many females find pregnancy sex more enjoyable than their regular sex. Pregnancy sex also gives you heightened and longer orgasms. It is because the female’s genitals are engorged and the nerve endings are more sensitive. Some females enjoy their orgasms during pregnancy sex as a stress buster! Consult your doctor and give it a try. 


8. All Pregnancy Sex Positions are not Safe 

Pregnancy Sex Positions

Missionary or other sex positions in which weight or pressure is exerted on the belly may be uncomfortable and are thus off-limits. But there is no rule on what positions to try and avoid during sex. In simple words, as long as you are comfortable, your favorite sex positions get a green sign during pregnancy. At any point, if you feel uncomfortable, back off. 

9. Different positions will influence the sex of the baby

baby in belly

Once the sperm has fertilized the egg, the sex of the baby has been decided. If the sperm that fertilized the egg carries an X chromosome, you will have a baby girl. If the sperm has a Y chromosome,  you will have a baby boy. There are no proven effects of sex positions before or after conception on the sex of the baby.

10. Post-sex bleeding means Miscarriage or damage to the baby

Post-sex bleeding

Post-sex bleeding may sound alarming but actually is not a cause for alarm. A female may have light spotting or bleeding after pregnancy sex. During pregnancy, the female’s cervix is very soft and sensitive and can start bleeding or cause spotting from minimal contact. This does not mean it is a threat or a serious concern. But if the bleeding is heavy or does not stop, you should go to the doctor without delay.  Also, notify your doctor if you often have spotting after pregnancy sex. 


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