Here is the story of Shubham who was suffering from ear problems 4 months back. He recently underwent an eardrum surgery from Pristyn Care. Here is his story of getting relief from ear problems permanently. 

How was your experience with Pristyn Care?

The wound is healing fast. There is neither any pain nor any drainage. Its been 3 months now and I am fully cured now. I extend my gratitude to Pristyn Care for taking such great care. In addition to this, they even provided free cab services on the day of the surgery and the follow-up visit was also free of cost, according to Shubham.

A couple of months ago, he was going by his usual routine when he could hear air coming out of the left ear, a general discomfort inside the ear and difficulty hearing people. Later there was shooting pain inside the ear along with it some watery-dischargeWhen he searched about the symptoms online, he came across Pristyn Care. He thoroughly looked up the website and booked an appointment with the coordinator.

The next morning, he went for the consultation. The doctor listened to his problems intently and physically examined his ear with an instrument, otoscope. He diagnosed him with a hole in the eardrum due to a prolonged ear infection. He recommended tympanoplasty as a permanent solution. 

He explained that a tympanoplasty is performed to patch up the hole in the eardrum. He further added, “The whole surgery is carried out under the influence of anesthesia which means you can neither feel any discomfort nor any pain. It takes around 2-3 hours to complete the surgery“.

Prior to the surgery, he spoke with the medical coordinator regarding the cost. The medical coordinator said, “Your health insurance can cover the cost of the surgery. Our insurance team has taken care of its approval.” He scheduled me for the surgery in the next two days. 

Meanwhile, he stopped taking any blood-thinning medicines or herbal supplements and took prescribed medicines to make the ear dry.

On the day of the surgery, as per the doctor’s instructions, he didn’t eat anything since the previous night.  A cab was waiting for them at the doorstep on time which took him to the hospital. 

At the hospital, everything was taken care of by the Care Buddy at the hospital. After finishing up the admission process, he showed us into our private room. After a while, the doctor checked through my reports and assured me that everything is normal. After this, the anesthesiologist came and sedated through an intra-venous channel. Gradually, he dozed off. 

Within a couple of hours, he woke up feeling groggy and nauseated. The doctor checked him and assured him that the surgery was absolutely successful. Convinced that he is doing well, the doctor discharged him with a set of dos and don’ts on the same day itself.

Fortunately, there were no major side effects during the recovery. There were no terrible pain or fullness inside the ear or ringing inside the ears

After a week after the surgery, he went for the follow-up.  The doctor removed the packing from the ears and physically examined him to make sure everything is normal. He rejoined work within 3 days. 

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