Best surgical treatment for sinusitis

Sinusitis is one of the common diseases that are widespread in the majority of the population in India.  According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases reported survey, one in eight Indians is suffering from a sinus infection. It is stated that 134 million Indians are affected with chronic sinusitis, which usually occurs because of poor air quality or infection present in the air. Most of the states in India have poor air quality like Delhi, Patna, Gwalior, Raipur, Ahmedabad, etc.

Sinusitis is an inflammation where swelling occurs on the tissue lining of the sinuses. This infection can lead to breathing abnormalities. Sinus infection or sinusitis is common and treatable. The doctor may recommend lab tests like CT scan, MRI, nasal discharge swab, or use endoscope to detect the root cause. After identifying the cause in the diagnosis, the patient will be advised of the best-suited advanced treatment.

Surgical Procedures to Cure Sinusitis

Below mentioned are the most effective and advanced surgical treatments. The procedures are performed with USFDA approved technology which has a higher success rate and better results. 

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

It is an advanced and evolved technique to cure sinus infections. This is a minimally invasive approach that is performed with the help of an endoscope. There is a thin, flexible tube that has a camera in the end with light. The doctor inserts the tube with the assistance of an endoscope that gives access to the affected sinus. FESS is usually a suitable and most effective treatment to restore the air cavities and improve the infected sinuses’ normal function.


People can suffer from sinusitis because of nose structure disfigurement. At times, the nose structure is congenitally deformed and other times, it occurs through trauma. In both cases, the doctor usually advises septoplasty. The nose structure is based on bone and cartilage.

The doctor will make a small incision inside the nostrils to access the bone and cartilage of the nose for making adjustments. To straighten the deviation in the septum, the doctor will either alter the bone or put silicone splints inside the nostrils to support the septum. The doctor will put the nasal packing post-surgery to absorb nasal discharge and bleeding.

Both the surgical treatments are almost painless as performed under the influence of anesthesia. The advanced treatment for sinusitis can restore back normal function. Both the surgeries are executed through a minimally invasive approach, which has better results than traditional methods.

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Difference between Conventional and Advanced treatment for Sinusitis

There are multiple benefits of advanced surgical treatment as compared to traditional methods. Below is the table for a better understanding of the difference between surgical procedures:

Advanced SurgeryConventional Surgery
No Blood LossIntensive Blood Loss
Minimally Invasive Invasive
Small incisionsLarge Cuts
Faster Recovery DurationLonger Recovery Duration
Fewer Chances of InfectionsProne to Infections
Scarless Visible Scars 

Why is Sinusitis Treatment Necessary?

The inflammation causes obstruction in the air cavities of paranasal sinuses, leading to various problems and affecting life’s productivity. Therefore, sinusitis treatments are necessary to restore quality and healthy life. Each pair of sinuses is important and plays a vital role in the human body.  There are four types of sinuses that are present in the human skull. 

  • Maxillary sinus located in both the cheeks
  • Frontal sinus you will find it in the forehead between the eyes
  • Ethmoid sinus it is found beside the upper nose 
  • Sphenoid sinus– This pair is present behind the nose 

If any of the sinuses get affected, it can cause severe issues, which may result in sinus headache, tenderness in the face, breathing problems, sleep apnea, nasal dripping, fever, fatigue, heaviness, or nose stuffiness. As reported by ENT doctors, people who have asthma, nasal polyps, or deviation in the nasal septum are vulnerable to sinusitis. Therefore, to remove the congestion in the nose and to get rid of sinusitis symptoms, doctors advise advanced treatment that has a faster recovery duration and no significant complications.

There are two types of sinusitis; acute sinusitis and chronic sinusitis. The former has mild symptoms and can be cured through medication and oral treatment. The latter is advanced sinusitis and has complex symptoms. However, few home remedies may manage the symptoms and make you feel better temporarily. 

For example, over-the-counter medication like aspirins, nasal decongestant sprays, or remedies like saline nasal irrigation, warm compress with a hot towel. But these are not permanent solutions to sinusitis, and the overuse of nasal sprays or saline nasal irrigation may result in complications. 

Pristyn Care for Permanent Sinusitis Treatment

The surgeons at Pristyn Care are highly experienced and execute surgery with cutting-edge medical technology to increase the success rate and results of the treatment. Choosing a specialist to undergo modern surgical treatments will result in a good 80%-85% success rate.

It is always advised by the doctors to get a thorough diagnosis for suitable and effective treatment. Pristyn Care understands the severity of the condition, is located in 30+ cities and has partnered with 400+ hospitals in India.

Pristyn Care is a full-stack health provider and tries to make the patient’s journey as smooth as possible. Advanced surgical treatments for sinusitis are now accessible to each patient in most of the cities of India. World-class assistance with comprehensive treatment is available to make the patient’s journey easy.

There are few additional benefits of choosing Pristyn Care for sinusitis treatment in your city; highly experienced ENT surgeons, flexible payment options, free cab service on the day of the surgery, insurance approval team for medical claim assistance, a dedicated care buddy to assist in all the paperwork regarding hospitalization and discharge, free follow-up consultation, etc. Contact our medical coordinator to know more details regarding sinusitis treatment.

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