Why One Should Go For the Hymenoplasty

Everything is handy nowadays. One may dream of anything and may get it. Yes, it is true, You can get the hairs if you are a bald guy, you can get the beautiful nose, you can get the teeth is you don’t have. Not only the materialistic things, but you can also get anything which is missing in your body. Not only the visible body parts, but you can also get the hymen as well.

No worries if you lose the virginity accidentally or intentionally, You can get the hymen through plastic surgery. The process of restoration or reconstruction is called hymenoplasty which is in trend and yet provided by some of the repeated hospitals in Gurgaon though Expert Cosmetologists or Gynaecologists. It is also called hymenorrhaphy, virginity surgery or just hymen reconstruction surgery.


As we are well aware of what is the hymen. It is a ring-shaped membrane in the vagina that gets ruptured due to vigorous activities & sports. It may get ruptured through sexual penetration as well which may cause bleeding. As per the culture, bleeding while intercourse is the symbol of virginity and women would never like to be better off the question after marriage. Losing virginity before marriage is a taboo and 80% hymenoplasty is done to regain virginity. The Treatment helps to be psychologically strong by tackling the traumatic events & conservative societies. Have the feeling of stay young!

Hymenoplasty Surgery

The main motto is to enhance the sexual experience while regaining the virginity. consult the best gynecologist for hymenoplasty surgery at Pristyn Care. 

Final words

Hymenoplasty is the surgical reconstruction of the hymen. The gynecologist stitches back the torn remnants of the hymen using self-dissolvable sutures which recover complet;y in 3 to 4 weeks. After recovery, the sutures dissolve and there is no scar or marks left behind which may indicate a surgical procedure. Here are some benefits of hymenoplasty surgery- 

  • Restores the hymen to bleed during sexual intercourse.
  • Females living in conservative societies can take control over their future.  
  • A new start for victims of sexual assault.

For a quick and healthy recovery, make sure to follow your gynecologist’s advice. Also, it is advised to wear loose, cotton clothes to stay comfortable. In case of any discomfort or inconvenience, our gynecologist and the medical team is just a call away. 

Consult the best gynecologist at Pristyn Care to undergo safe and successful hymenoplasty surgery. 

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