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Cosmetic Treatments

Along with home remedies or treatments for anti-aging, people also take the help of technology to slow down aging. With the boom in technology, anti-aging treatment options have only expanded and people are running after their magical effects. People are choosing cosmetic treatments for aesthetic purposes, and no more just medical. Such treatments are driven by ‘wants’ and not ‘needs’.

Cosmetic treatments enable a person to feel younger and more confident about themselves. The boost in their confidence reflects in their body language and interaction with people. With the advances in technology, cosmetic treatments have become easily accessible and almost painless. 

Let’s look into the most prevailing anti-aging treatments that people prefer:

  • Face lifting surgery

This surgery is done to get rid of the wrinkles and dryness on the face. The surgery does wonders for the skin and gives it a firm and healthy look again. Women highly prefer this cosmetic surgery to enhance their features. Face lifting surgery is especially preferred in the cases of sagging cheeks and neck. It also effectively works in improving the jawline by getting rid of the excess skin.

face lifting surgery

  • Filler injections for the wrinkles

Filler injections are used to get rid of the wrinkles. Such injections for wrinkles speed up the production of collagen without disrupting its natural breakdown process. These injections do not lift the face but make the skin look plump and naturally younger. 

injections for wrinkles

  • Anti-aging creams-

These creams are rich in antioxidants as the key ingredients. Anti-aging creams are easily available over the counter. Such anti-aging creams enhance the elasticity of the skin and give it a plump feel. Also, antioxidants present in these creams rejuvenate the old skin cells and speed the growth of the new skin cells. The easy availability of anti-aging creams makes it the most sought-after option as soon as the signs of aging start appearing. 

anti-aging creams

Anti-aging treatments are not just confined to the face and neck, with time and advances the treatment options are growing for different body parts. Women are opting for laser treatments to get rid of sagging breasts and buttocks. Cosmetic treatments for these body parts improve them aesthetically and enhance their overall body posture.  

  • Fractional CO2 laser skin treatment

It is among the best laser treatments to get the young and glowing skin. In this skin-resurfacing treatment, lasers of CO2 are used to boost the collagen and protect the topmost layer of the skin. According to doctors, fractional CO2 treatment is considered to have no dangerous side effects on the skin. The treatment does not have a long downtime and is quite effective in beating the aging of the skin. All these benefits of fractional CO2 laser treatment are making it a popular anti-aging treatment.

CO2 laser skin treatment

In recent years, doctors have observed that women are becoming open to anti-aging or rejuvenation treatments for their intimate parts as well. Cosmetic treatments for intimate areas like vaginal tightening, vaginal rejuvenation, etc, are now available for women. These safe and advanced treatments for intimate areas are also painless. The chances of complications after such treatments are almost nil and the person can resume their routine life within a few days only.

Some of the cosmetic surgeries which are gaining popularity among women are:

  • Breast enhancement surgery
  • Liposuction (excess fat removal from the body)
  • Botox
  • Contouring of facial bones (Rhinoplasty)

Drawbacks of Cosmetic treatments

It is important to know both sides of the technology (pros and cons). So far, we have gained an insight into the benefits of cosmetic treatments that are quite appealing. But, it is equally necessary to be aware of the not-so-bright side of these artificial anti-aging treatments. 

Drawbacks of cosmetic treatment

Now, let’s have a look at the drawback of these advanced technology anti-aging options:

  • Harmful reactions of anesthesia
  • Defects or loopholes in the facial surgery
  • Takes weeks to recover fully
  • Highly expensive treatments
  • Sometimes the result does not match the expectations
  • Chances of choosing the wrong doctor (less experienced surgeon)

Although the above-mentioned problems are subjective but are the most commonly reported ones. Choose the right doctors and technology to get the desired results of the cosmetic treatments. Make sure you do proper research and discuss it in detail with your doctor to keep any unforeseen complications at bay. 


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