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It is true that there are several medicines that are available in the Indian marketplace that only provide some relief from the symptoms of tonsils. People opt for medicines and antibiotics in fear of pain and discomfort caused due to surgery.  

What is the difference between strep throat and tonsillitis?

The symptoms of strep throat and tonsillitis are same- sore throat, headache, fever and tiredness. Hence, people sometimes find it difficult to identify the two conditions. 

Primarily, the difference between the two lies in the fact that tonsillitis is the inflammation of the tonsils while strep throat is a bacterial infection in the throat. This can further spread to the tonsils, and ears. 

What are the symptoms of Tonsillitis?

The most common symptoms of infections in the tonsils are-

What are the complications of Tonsillitis?

It is important to attend the tonsillitis condition without any further. Otherwise, delaying its treatment can lead to following health problems-

For people looking for immediate relief from tonsillitis, the medicines that are mentioned below can help. However, it is advised to take these medicines only after proper consultation with the doctor. 

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List of Medicines for Tonsils

Some of the antibiotics that are prescribed by doctors to curb the symptoms of tonsils are mentioned below-

  1. Amoxicillin

    This medicine is an antibiotic that is similar to penicillin. As it is an antibiotic, it is recommended to treat tonsillitis caused due to bacteria. The medicine works by curbing bacterial growth. This can cure various infections that develop due to bacterial growth in the ears, nose, throat, urinary tract, and skin.
    This medicine is available in the Indian marketplace in the form of tablets, capsules, chewable tablets, syrup or drops. People who have a history of kidney problems, allergies, asthma or women who are pregnant or lactating should be cautious before taking this medicine.

    Some of the side effects of Amoxicillin that people experience are numbness, sleeplessness, nausea, diarrhea, redness of the skin, etc.

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  2. Bacampicillin

    This is also a penicillin antibiotic. Doctors prescribe this medicine when the patient is prone to bacterial infections.The benefit of this medicine is that it can be taken with or without food.

    Some of the side effects that people can experience are allergic reactions, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting.

    Note- This medicine should not be taken by patients who are suffering from mononucleosis, blood cancer, HIV infection, and hypersensitivity.

  3. Cefadroxil

    This is a broad-spectrum antibiotic which means it can cure various bacterial infections. Hence, this can help in curing bacterial tonsillitis. This medicine works by killing off the bacteria thriving in the body.
    Some of the common side effects of Cefadroxil that one can experience are itching, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, sore throat and wheezing.

  4. Cefetamet

    This medicine is a cephalosporin antibiotic that works by fighting against the bacteria in the body.Special caution needs to be taken for people who experience diarrhea, intestinal inflammation, liver disease, any allergy, pregnant women or lactating mothers.

    People who are hypersensitive to cephalosporins should avoid taking this medicine.

  5. Cefixime

    Doctors prescribe this antibiotic for people diagnosed with gonorrhea, tonsillitis, and pharyngitis. This medication is taken orally in the form of either a tablet, capsule or syrup. Some side effects that people can experience are skin rashes, fever, itching, nausea, stomach upset, etc.

  6. Cefuro axetil

    This is the medicine prescribed by doctors when there is an infection in the lungs, ear, throat, urinary tract and skin. This can be taken as a tablet or syrup. It can also be administered as an injection into the vein or large muscle. Side effects that people should look out for are diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness or abdominal pain.

  7. Dequalinium

    Unlike the other medicines which are an antibiotic, this medicine is an antiseptic. As this is antiseptic in nature, it kills many gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi. This can be used as lozenges to treat various infections such as sore throat, tonsillitis and mouth ulcers. It can soothe the pain.

    Some of the side effects that can be experienced are soreness in the throat, allergic reactions, nausea, etc.

How effective are antibiotics for tonsils?

Antibiotics can only help with the symptoms of tonsils such as the sore throat or scratchy or muffled voice. The medicine cures the disease only for the time being. This doesn’t provide a permanent solution.

If you are looking for a permanent cure for tonsils, home remedies, medications and over the counter options won’t prove to be fruitful. (Also Read: Tonsils Treatment in Ayurveda )

People in India tend to rely more on over the counter medicines and herbal remedies for the treatment. Many people are still unaware that these medications only provide temporary relief. 

When the patient suffers from repeated episodes of tonsillitis, the removal of tonsils is the best option available. 

Some of the patients delay the treatment of tonsillitis as they think that this is a condition that can be treated on its own. This in turn creates more complications to their health. Hence, a patient should consult with an ENT specialist immediately once the symptoms become visible. 

Therefore, it makes it crucial that tonsillitis is a medical condition that requires medical supervision from a professional doctor. 

Tonsillectomy for Tonsils

The surgical removal of tonsils is known as tonsillectomy. This is performed under the influence of general anesthesia and completed within an hour. Tonsillectomy also helps people who have repeated episodes of strep throat. After the tonsil surgery, you can try the following tips to recover fast-

  • Sipping water
  • Eating ice popsicles
  • Having smooth foods
  • Taking plenty of rest

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