Home remedies for mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are really cringy and painful if they are not treated on time. We have to think a lot on what to eat and what not to, to get some relief from that sharp pain and burning sensation that is caused while eating something with mouth ulcers.

What are mouth ulcers?

Mouth ulcers are sores developed in your mouth or at the base of the gums or tongue. They are normally small, painful lesions that aren’t contagious and usually go away within 1-2 weeks.

People with a family history of mouth ulcers, women, adolescents are at higher risk for developing mouth ulcers. If the ulcer is quite large and extremely painful and doesn’t go away quickly, you need medical attention. Mouth ulcers are also known as Canker sores.

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Common causes of mouth ulcers

  • Mouth rinses or toothpastes that contain particular element known as sodium lauryl sulphate which is quite harsh for fragile mouth
  • Some light and minor injury from dental work, hard brushing
  • Accidental bite
  • Some sports injury e.g. while playing cricket, volleyball, etc.
  • Sensitivity to citrus fruits like pineapple and other trigger foods like coffee and chocolate
  • Deficiency of some essential vitamins especially vitamin B12, zinc, folate, and iron
  • Hormonal changes
  • Dental braces
  • Allergic response to mouth bacteria
  • Lack of sleep or stress and tensions
  • Viral, bacterial or fungal infections

Some serious causes that require medical attention

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Also Read: IBS vs. IBD- Know The Difference )
  • Diabetes  (Also Read: Diet Can Reduce Diabetes: A Study)
  • Celiac disease- a condition in which the body is unable to tolerate gluten.
  • Malfunction of immune system in which good bacteria are destroyed.
  • Behcet’s disease- a condition causing inflammation in the whole body.

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10 Home remedies to treat mouth ulcers

Look around you, you might find a lot of solutions with a quick glance of your surroundings. In your kitchen, you might find many solutions that could be an answer to your problem of mouth ulcers. So let’s have a look at some easy, accessible home remedies for treating mouth ulcers: 

  1. Garlic: 

    You can rub one garlic clove on the ulcers very gently for a minute. Garlic has antimicrobial and antibiotic properties which help in reducing pain and promote healing.

  2. Honey: 

    This golden nectar is doing wonders since time immemorial. It can act as a very effective and useful remedy for ulcers due to its antibacterial properties. You can also add a pinch of turmeric as it has antiseptic properties and will speed up the healing process. Apply it every few hours best relief and speedy recovery.

  3. Coconut oil:  

    Coconut is known to reduce swelling. It has anti-inflammatory compounds and hence it provides relief in the pain and swellings. You can apply some virgin coconut oil on your mouth ulcers and can repeat this a few times all through the day. Do this before going to bed for the best result.

  4. Apple Cider Vinegar:  

    Apple Cider Vinegar can be very helpful in treating ulcers. All you have to do is mix one tablespoon of ACV in half a cup of water and swish this solution in your mouth for a few minutes in the morning and night. This will help heal ulcers, though the acidic nature and pungent taste of ACV will not give you pleasant vibes for some time. This is an effective home remedy.

  5. Toothpaste: 

    This can help in making the ulcer disappear soon. Apply some toothpaste on the ulcer. This might give a little burning sensation initially but will ultimately give a cooling effect which will help to curb the inflammation and discomfort while eating. Leave it on for sometime before rinsing your mouth with cold water.

  6. Salt water:  

    Gargling with lukewarm salt water is one of the most recommended home remedies by elders. Water soothes the pain and salt helps in fast healing of the ulcers. Gargle with warm salt water a few times a day to see a speedy recovery.

  7. Fortified orange juice: Orange juice is a good source of Vitamin C and ulcers can be a result of Vitamin C deficiency. Two glasses of orange juice everyday will help in quick healing of mouth ulcers
  8. Applying ice cubes:

    The ice will give a soothing and numbing effect on burning ulcers. You can suck ice chips after melting the base slightly before applying on mouth ulcers. Do not apply the ice directly as it could deteriorate the wound.
  9. Baking soda paste:

    Add a few drops of water in one tablespoon of baking soda to form a thick paste and then apply it over the ulcer a few times a day with cotton. Baking soda helps to relieve heat from the body which is the major cause of mouth ulcers.
  10. Apply damp tea bags:
    Tea is alkaline, which means it neutralizes the acid. Tea also contains astringent contents which help to relieve the pain. So don’t think your tea bag is trash after being used. The damp tea still has healing qualities for your mouth ulcers.

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So don’t fret, lay back and think about trying these simple home remedies to treat mouth ulcers that are capable of stealing away your peace with the inflammation and discomfort. Our kitchen has many unknown medicines that we think are just eatables to add flavor or satisfy our taste buds. However, if the condition looks really bad for a long time, consult a doctor as it might be a severe infection that needs immediate medical attention.

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