Yoga poses for constipation

How yoga helps constipation?

When Yoga poses can treat chronic constipation then why go for medicines. Yoga works by overall enhancement of the entire body. Each and every posture mentioned further in the blog helps reduce constipation by working on the causes that contribute to the problem. The twisting, folds, and stretching increases blood flow and oxygen level to the abdominal organs. This also works by managing the stress that gets piled up in your body.

Yoga helps in regulating the digestive system and makes your bowel movement smooth. Before knowing what can be the most effective Yoga poses to cure constipation, know the cause of your constipation. It can be stress, it can be poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyle or restricting yourself going to the loo. 

Why Constipation occurs?

Before you understand how yoga can help, you need to understand how constipation occurs. The common reasons that contribute to constipation are-

  • Hypothyroidism- The thyroid gland produces a hormone that regulates metabolic activities, including digestion. So, decreased secretion of the hormone can lead to problems such as constipation. 
  • Poor nutrition- Eating an improper diet can have a direct result on the digestive system. If you eat a less fiber diet or regularly indulge in processed foods or refined food products, the risk of constipation increases greatly.
  • Diabetes- An increase in the blood sugar level of the nerves can lead to constipation.
  • Depression and stress- These are considered as the major reasons for the development of constipation. In order to cope with stress and depression, people tend to overeat unhealthy foods that are difficult to digest.  
  • Pregnancy- As the bowel movement and hormone levels fluctuate, constipation is a very common problem that can occur during pregnancy. 
  • Drinking less amount of water-  When you drink water less than the required amount, the intestines tend to absorb more water. This leads to hard and dry feces. 
  • Certain medications- Consuming calcium tablets, iron supplements, etc. on a daily basis can lead to constipation. 
  • Resisting the urge to pass stool- When you resist the urge to use the bathroom during office meetings or traveling, this makes the stools hard and difficult to pass. This is one of the reasons adults develop constipation. 

10 Poses That You Can Help in Chronic Constipation 



In literal terms, it means Gas relieving pose. Constipation often traps gas in the stomach. This pose helps to cure many digestive disorders including acid refluxes and dyspepsia. This pose also provides significant relief to flatulence by the expulsion of intestinal flatus. To do this pose, recline on your back and hug your legs into the chest. Then extend one leg and breathe in. Hold it for a minute then switch.



Dhanurasana also means the Bow Pose. This pose strengthens the organs inside the abdomen. If you regularly practice this pose, it will keep the gas and digestive issues at bay. This pose works by eliminating abdominal pressure. To do this asana, lie flat on your stomach and keep space between feet and hip. Gently fold your knees and hold your ankles then breathe in. While inhaling, lift your chest and legs off the ground. Release after 15-20 seconds.



Otherwise known as the Adamant Pose, it is majorly practiced to correct postural defects. This also regulates blood circulation to the abdominal region, thereby improving digestion. Therefore, yoga experts often recommend chronic constipation sufferers to practice this asana on a regular basis. Not only it improves digestion but it also strengthens digestive organs. Start by kneeling down, stretching your lower legs backward and keeping them together. Lower your body such that you rest on your heels and thighs on the calf muscles. Straighten your gaze and concentrate on your breathing. 


Cobra pose

Commonly known as the Cobra Pose, this pose will help you clean the digestive tract. This means if your digestive tract is empty, you won’t have any constipation. Not only constipation or indigestion, but this asana also strengthens your abdominal muscles. To do this pose, you have to lie flat on your stomach.  Make sure you place hands on the side and toes together. After this, place your body’s weight on your hand, inhale and raise your head like a cobra. This will make a 90-degree angle with the floor. Hold it for two minutes and release it. 


Forward bending pose

Similar to the pawanamuktasana, this asana is excellent for relieving constipation and digestive disorders. This asana is also known as the Forward Bending pose. The compression due to this pose near the abdominal viscera can help you get relief from constipation, weak digestion, and sluggish liver. This posture is an easy one to do. Sit erect and stretch your legs. Inhale and elongate your hands. Exhale and stretch out your arms and try to touch your toes. Hold and inhale and relax.



This pose is mainly practiced to achieve two goals. First, to strengthen the back muscles and second, to reduce stress. This posture also massages the abdominal organs which regulate appetite. Hence, halasana or Plough Pose is recommended by doctors to regulate their blood sugar levels. After lying flat on the floor, do a half somersault from the hip region. Hold the posture for 30 seconds while inhaling. Then exhale and gently bring back the legs back to its original position.

Supta Matsyendrasana

Supine twist

This asana is also known as the Supine Twist or the Reclining Twist. This posture makes your spine and vertebrae get enough movement thereby, making it flexible. Furthermore, it stimulates and tones the internal organs. This posture is highly recommended for detoxification purposes. If you have a detoxified system, you are at a lower risk of constipation. First, lie on your back, bring both your legs near the chest. After than stretch out one leg. Then move your bent right leg over the straight left leg. Make sure you look the opposite way the bent leg is directing. Hold the positing for few seconds and then switch sides. 

Crescent Twist

Crescent twist

This is a type of lunge. This is a challenging posture that is highly beneficial for creating balance. The twisting of the upper portion of the body helps to tone the internal organs and enhancing the detox abilities of the organ. Start with a lunge position with your hands folded in a namaste. Then twist towards the bent leg and pressing the arms outside the bent. Hold in for few seconds and relax. Repeat the same with the other side.



This is a breathing exercise where the abdominal muscles move up and down. The regular practice of Pranayam cures stomach disorders, insomnia, acidity, and reduces belly fat. The digestive process improves as the movement of the muscles removes the toxicants out of the body. Sit with your legs crossed. Keeping the right nostril closed with the thumb, inhale through the left. Close the left nostril with the ring figure and exhale through the right nostril. Now repeat this process a couple of times. 



As stress is the major reason for constipation, getting relief from it is essential. The Child Pose helps to destress the entire body. You’ll be calm after practicing this pose for a couple of seconds. The asana works as there is a fold near the abdomen that massages the organs also. Hence, the digestion process enhances and you have a regular bowel movement. In this posture, you have to bend forward and lay your torso between the gap of thighs. Keep your hands stretched forward in front of you. You can stay in this posture from 30 seconds to a few minutes.


Rather than finding a cure to chronic constipation, it is best to prevent it at all by eating a high-fiber diet, drinking lots of water and practicing these asanas on a daily basis. This will ensure a regular bowel movement, reduce bloating and prevent excessive straining too. But if you are already suffering from this problem and seeing complications, then don’t worry as Pristyn Care can treat this problem permanently.  Did you know chronic constipation can lead to additional problems such as piles? Why take a chance and walk in this painful journey? Practice these asanas and let us know in the comment section did it help or not. 

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