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So Just What Are Piles?

Piles can be an embarrassing condition that can progress to a serious problem if left unchecked. Piles come in two varieties: External, where the area around the anus is inflamed and swollen, and internal, which may be free of pain and yet have bleeding on the inside. Also known as hemorrhoids, this condition can make going to the bathroom an extremely pain-filled affair and may last for a few days, at most.

This is an easily treated condition that affects nearly half the population during their lifetime. Most people end up resolving their piles without the need for surgery.

How Can You Treat Piles At Home?

There are a variety of techniques we can employ for a permanent piles treatment, and unless in the most severe of cases, it is easily resolved. Here are some methods:

Aloe Vera

For the most immediate need for any piles patient: Pain, aloe vera offers a simple home solution to reduce the burning and to inflame. Apply an aloe vera gel as close to the affected area as possible and massage to increase blood circulation.


Dehydration can aggravate hemorrhoids and cause sharp spikes in pain. Teas, caffeine, wine and other such dehydrating drinks can cause electrolyte imbalances and affect the contraction and relaxation of the nerves around the pain site. Accounting for one’s physical activity and keeping hydrated in the day is a must.

hydration in piles

Warm baths

The vasodilation from a warm bath or shower can cause immediate relief as it expands the blood vessels and reduces the burden on the heart, allowing increased blood circulation to the pain site. Bath salts, such as Epsom salts, in particular, are rich in magnesium sulphate and have been used for thousands of years for their therapeutic properties. They are added to a bath and the magnesium in the salts aids in relaxation and recuperation.

Hot compress

A hot compress can be heated up in boiling water and then wrapped around the inflamed area to accelerate healing as well as providing immediate pain relief.

hot compress for piles

Fibre-rich diet

Bowel movements are important for ridding the body of toxins and wastes, and a plant diet high in legumes, green leafy veggies and fruits allows healthy peristaltic motion in the intestines and proper bowel movement. Many sufferers reach for a laxative to do the job when simple home-cooked meals are better long-term cures. Fibre will ensure that the condition doesn’t recur.

consume fiber rich diet in piles

Banish the cell-phone from your bathroom

Increased time spent trying to defecate places greater stress on the nerves in the pelvic region. Leave your cell-phone out of the bathroom, and you might find a dramatic improvement in your recurring piles. Strange as it is, this is a practical and often overlooked solution to hemorrhoids. Time spent on the toilet, excessive straining and grunting all might seem to help, but ultimately your time is better spent elsewhere, with simple dietary and lifestyle changes that are proven to give results.

don't use cell phone in bathrrom

Maintain a physical regimen

Despite the pain, it is important to get regular exercise. This allows the digestive process to carry on. While being sedentary during the pain might seem preferable, it only offers temporary relief and will not help bowel movements. Mild exercise is sufficient to move the muscles of the stomach around. Brisk walking, stretching and kegel exercises can be used to reduce pain.

regular exercise in piles disease

Deep breathing exercises

As the nerves around the buttocks are inflamed, and a non-fibrous diet aggravates the condition, activating the parasympathetic nervous system relaxes the body and primes it for digestion and sleep. Gastrointestinal motility is improved, and healing occurs when the parasympathetic nervous system is active. Breathing exercises can facilitate this process and aid in digestion.

naturally ways to get rid of piles

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It normally takes a couple of weeks to cure hemorrhoids at home. The home remedies stated above are highly effective and has no side effects. However, if the condition deteriorates further or you are unsure of the home treatment, seeking medical advice might be the only option.

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