5 blazing facts about UTI every woman needs to know

Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs are caused when bacteria get into the urethra. The female affected with this disease have a constant urge to urinate and also has a burning sensation down there while passing urine. This is a common disease among women. Every one out of five women would have UTI at least once in her entire lifetime. Almost 8 million females visit doctors each year with symptoms indicating UTI. Women are more likely to get UTIs than men.
UTIs can occur in any part of the Urinary Tract including kidneys, ureters, urethra or urinary bladder. In most cases, the body flushes out the bacteria present inside with the urine. If that does not happen, the bacteria will continue to grow inside the body. In most cases, women notice UTI only when they feel pain or burning sensation while peeing.

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Below are mentioned 5 blazing facts about UTI every woman needs to know:

  • UTI can occur multiple times– Recurrence rate of UTIs is high. There can be several reasons for the recurrence of UTI. But generally, the disease comes back in cases where the female had not completed her medication for the previous case of UTI. The antibiotics given to the patients of UTI aim at completely eradicating the bacteria causing the disease. If the female does not take all the medication, there are chances that some bacteria would be left behind which can further grow can result in recurrence of the disease.
  • Sexual Act can lead to UTI– The statement can be contradicting. The disease is not sexually transmitted but the bacteria causing UTI can occur during sexual intercourse. The urethra is located exactly above the vagina. So, the bacteria can get inside from the vagina and reach the urethra or urinary bladder, resulting in an infection. Urinating right before and after sex can lower the risk of UTI. To take another precautionary measure, wipe the vaginal area gently with a wet wipe after peeing. Make sure to not put anything inside the vagina. Avoid douching too as it can lead to vaginal dryness or itching. Birth Control including condoms, spermicides or diaphragm can irritate the skin and natural pH balance of the vagina and vulva and can lead to UTIs.
  • UTIs are painful, but there is a solution– UTIs can be very painful. But antibiotics can help get relief from the pain. The antibiotics may take a day or two to start their effect. Drinking a lot of water can help keep the bacteria away. Peeing more would lessen the chances of bacteria accumulating and growing inside.
  • It can happen to a female of any age, young or old– UTI is not just a disease for sexually active females. Even women of older age are at risk of UTI. The hormone level of female undergoing menopause drops down. This also changes the skin of the vagina. The vaginal skin gets thin and is more susceptible to infections, increasing the risk of UTIs.
  • Cranberry Juice is your weapon against UTIs– Cranberry juice cannot treat the infection but can prevent them. Cranberry juice helps stay hydrated and maintain the health of the urinary tract. Many studies also prove that cranberry juice can prevent the recurrence of the infection.

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Consult your Doctor

If there is a lot of pain or burning sensation while peeing, immediately consult your doctor. Waiting for several days itself can worsen the disease. The disease can spread to other parts like kidneys or ureter in case it is left untreated. Many females get relief from trying over the counter treatments or home remedies. These things may help in the initial stages of the disease. But in the case of recurrence, it is suggested to consult the doctor. Specific antibiotics are required to make sure there is no sign of bacteria left in the urinary tract to prevent a recurrence.

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