How to deal with the Foreign Body in the ear

Foreign Body in the ear can be anything that kids put inside the ear. Youngsters may embed the object on their own when they feel exhausted or they can put it in another child’s ear while playing. Whatever the reason is, it is unsafe for the children and may prompt ear contamination.

Some Foreign Objects That Can Be Put Inside The Ear

Through the ear canal, a child can push various foreign bodies into the ear. Some of the common objects that can go inside the ear are- 

  • Food
  • Insects
  • Toys
  • Buttons
  • Pieces of crayon
  • Small batteries
  • Paper
  • Cotton swabs
  • Beads
  • Marbles
  • Small shells 

 Symptoms of Something Stuck Inside The Ear

Some objects inside the ear don’t tend to cause any symptoms. However, when there is an impact on the skin in the ear canal or the eardrum, one is likely to feel the following symptoms-

Complications That Can Occur When There is A Foreign Object In The Ear

When something gets stuck inside the ear, delaying its treatment can cause severe problems apart from discomfort. Some of them are-

  • Ear infection, especially swimmer’s ear
  • Draining from the ear
  • Earwax impaction
  • Unsteadiness
  • Queasiness

Taking Out A Foreign Object Inside the Ear At Home

Generally, one should not put anything smaller than the elbow inside the ear. One of the most major reasons for not putting something inside the ear is that it can result in pushing any object deeper into the ear canal which can further damage the eardrum. 

Here are some instructions you can follow to pull out the foreign object outside your children or someone else’s ear-

  • Tilt the other person’s head to see if the object falls out simply 
  • If you can see the object inside the ear, pull it out carefully with a pair of tweezers. But remember, not to push it further inside the ear canal. Moreover, don’t forcefully pull out the object.
  • If there’s an insect stuck inside the ear, warm-up few drops of baby/vegetable oil and put it in the ear to kill it off. However, don’t use this method if something else is stuck inside the ear and causing extreme pain or bleeding. 
  • You can also try to wash off the object with some warm water if the person doesn’t have tubes in the ear. 

Doctor’s Treatment for Foreign Body Stuck Inside The Ear 

Even though small objects can be taken out of the ear at home, it is better to consult with an ENT doctor. To treat the foreign bodies in the ear is snappy expulsion of the item by an ENT specialist.

Here is a portion of the strategies that might be utilized by the specialist to expel the item from the ear trench:

  • For metallic materials, doctors use magnets to put the article.
  • Cleaning of the ear trench with water, also known as ear irrigation, can wash out the object stuck inside the ear. 
  • A machine with suction or small objects or instruments with a loop or hook to haul out the item

After the evacuation of the article, the specialist will reconsider the ear to see whether there has been any damage to the ear waterway. Anti-toxin drops can be given to treat any potential diseases.

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Absolutely never disregard the ear Disease and counsel the Ear Specialist adjacent in your general vicinity. Timely consultation is always required to recover the ear foreign body removal and to stop the ear infection & hearing loss.

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