Adyasha Mishra decided to undergo an endoscopic septoplasty from Pristyn Care 7 months ago. She was diagnosed with a deviated septum almost two years back. Here is her story of undergoing endoscopic septoplasty and getting rid of the problem permanently. 

How was your experience with Pristyn Care?

Within a week, I recovered completely. There was neither any pain nor any blocked nose. It has been 7 months since the surgery and I am completely healed now. I can sleep better and productivity has also increased. My nose is straightened and all because of Pristyn Care, says Adyasha. 

Her Journey

It all started eight months ago.  While she was at work, she was having a mild headache and a blocked nose. Unfortunately, none of the medicines got her any relief. These continued for a couple of days. Seeing her in pain, one of her friends suggested to consult with doctors from Pristyn Care.

At first, she was skeptical of consulting with the doctor. After researching one of the ENT doctors, she booked an appointment with him. 

Fortunately, as her appointment was prebooked, she was immediately called in. Dr. Siddhartha listened to her intently throughout the session. After asking a handful of questions the doctor diagnosed her with sinusitis due to a deviated septum. He suggested her undergoing an endoscopic septoplasty. 

He explained, “An endoscopic septoplasty is called so because the doctor uses an endoscope to correct the crooked septum. It takes around 30-90 minutes to complete the procedure. He added that it is completely painless as it is performed under the influence of anesthesia.Convinced by his explanation, she was scheduled for surgery two days after. 

The medical coordinator called her regarding the payment option. She thought the surgery would cost a hefty amount. Fortunately, the medical coordinator told her that the health insurance plan will cover most of the expenses. Meanwhile, as per the doctor’s instructions, she stopped taking any supplements before the surgery. 

The doctor already instructed her to be on an empty stomach on the day of the surgery. Hence, she showered and got ready for the surgery. A cab took them to the hospital at the designated time. 

At the hospital, a Care Buddy from Pristyn Care took care of the admission process. After taking her to the private room, she was prepped for surgery. Several tests were conducted and then she was sedated by an anesthetist. 

After a couple of hours she woke up, Dr. Siddhartha checked up and assured me that the surgery was 100% successful. The next day, after being convinced that there were no possible risks, she was discharged with a set of instructions and a list of medications. 

On the third day, she was able to resume daily activities. There were no major complications. She went for the follow-up after a few days, where the doctor removed the packing and asked her to breathe. He added there can be congestion later, however, there was no such thing and she rejoined work within a week. 

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