Medical termination of pregnancy or Abortion pills in India

Abortion pills are the safest options to medically terminate early pregnancy of not more than 10 weeks. Abortion pills give the female the freedom to privacy along and saving both her time and money, which is needed for the surgical procedure of medical termination of pregnancy. In India, a female can find various abortion pills in the market. However, not all pills for medical termination of pregnancy are safe to use.  

Abortion pills can be used to terminate a pregnancy of fewer than 10 weeks. After taking the abortion pills, an ultrasound needs be done to make sure if the abortion has been successfully done. In case of an incomplete abortion, surgical abortion needs to be done. 

How to use Abortion Pills?

If a female is less than 10 weeks pregnant, she can terminate a pregnancy with abortion pills under a doctor’s guidance.

Abortion pills come in 2 sets of pills- Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which are strict to be taken in proper time sequence with a doctor’s guidance.

  • First Pill – Mifepristone

The doctor will advise to take the first set of pills, Mifepristone, or RU486 on the first day. This pill blocks the working of the pregnancy hormone progesterone. The female has to take 1 tablet of Mifepristone 200 mg orally after the meal. 

  • Second pill – Misoprostol

The female is recommended to insert 4 tablets of Misoprostol (200 mcg) into the vagina within 24 to 48 hours after taking the mifepristone tablet. If the female takes misoprostol before 24 hours or after 48 hours, it might affect the effectiveness of the pills.  

The Misoprostol pill starts working soon after eating. If the female does not get bleeding within 3 hours of taking Misoprostol then she may need to consult her doctor for further course of action.

Effective Abortion pills in India

doctor holding Medical termination of pregnancy or Abortion pills

A doctor takes serious measures while choosing the abortion pill as the issue of termination of pregnancy can lead to serious risks if you undermine the risks of side effects. The medicine market is in India flooded with a huge variety of abortion pills. But,  not all are reliable to trust when choosing for such sensitive issues like termination of pregnancy.  Below is the list of effective abortion pills in India. But, more than their success rate, taking the pills under a doctor’s guidance is important for the efficiency and the female’s health and well-being. 

  • Cipla MTP kit
  • A-Care 
  • Syn-Bort
  • Unwanted Kit Abortion Pills
  • Mifegest Kit for Medical Abortion
  • Mifekit 
  • Safe Abort Kit

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Effectiveness and success rate of abortion pills

When taken correctly with the consultation of a doctor, abortion pills are very effective. The effectiveness depends on how far the female is in her pregnancy when she takes the pills. Below is a roughly estimated success rate of abortion pills in context to when they are taken. 

  • Less than 8 weeks of pregnancy- 94-98 % success rate. 
  •  8-9 weeks of pregnancy- 94-96 % success rate. 
  • 9-10 weeks of pregnancy-  91-93 % success rate. 
  • 10-11 weeks of pregnancy- 87 % success rate. 

The abortion pill works most of the time when taken correctly. But if the pill fails to work properly and causes an incomplete abortion, the female needs to undergo a surgical abortion.

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Potential risks and complications of Abortion pills

Though medical abortions are safe, it is possible to have some complications after the medications. 

Potential risks and complications of medical abortion can be-

  • an incomplete or failed abortion, where the fetus is feasible, which can cause serious infections
  • an undetected ectopic pregnancy, ( abortion pills may not work in this case and also pose potential threats as it is a life-threatening condition)
  • blood clots in the uterus 
  • heavy vaginal bleeding

Emergency signs of serious complications after taking abortion pills

  • Severe cramping or pain
  • Excessive heavy bleeding (when two or more pads are needed in an hour span)
  • Strong, foul-smelling vaginal discharge 
  • Passing blood clots for 2 or more hours
  • Passing very large blood clots ( larger than a lemon)
  • Fever


Complications and risks of medical abortion with abortion pills can be life-threatening. This makes it very important to make sure it is done under the guidance of a doctor who is ready to handle any complications if needed. If you are in such a situation, it is normal to feel confused and anxious. Consult our doctor online who can guide you on how you should move forward with things. 

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