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Arvind, 30 years old Engineer at an MNC says, “I thought only old age people get piles. Initially, it was hard for me to believe that I had piles. Gradually, the condition was getting worse as my job demanded long sitting hours. Finally, I visited Pristyn Care Proctologist where he informed me about all the myths and facts about piles. He suggested piles surgery and today I am happily back into my normal daily routine.” 

This is what happens if you are unaware of the facts and myths about piles. Therefore, the General Physicians at Pristyn Care give the facts on piles, dispelling common myths and misconceptions. 

Myth: Everyone has Piles

Fact: We all have veins in the rectum and swollen veins lead to piles. Not all but a large population suffers from piles at some point in their lives. Talk to the doctor. You are not the first one with this condition. 

Myth: Piles can be caused by sitting on a too cold or hot surface

Fact: The temperature of the surface does not lead to piles. Infact, it is the duration that increases the risk of piles. Prolonged sitting is the major cause of piles. So keep moving and keep yourself active. 

Myth: It is the condition of old people

Fact: Piles or hemorrhoids can affect the young too. Age is not a factor. But yes, it is common in older people as the muscles and tissues tend to get weaker with age making it more prevalent. Piles can affect anyone who has chronic constipation or diarrhea and who strains during a bowel movement. Even piles during pregnancy is common. 

Myth: Piles can cause cancer

Fact: There is no such study or evidence that says hemorrhoids cause cancer. But you must visit a doctor if there is rectal bleeding as both colon cancer and piles have the same symptoms. 

Myth: You should not exercise if you have piles

Fact: Only the exercise that puts pressure on the rectal veins must be avoided. Otherwise, regular exercise increases blood flow and heals better. Yoga, meditation, swimming and walking are all good for piles. It keeps the bowel movement regular and prevents constipation. 

Myths: Piles is recurrent. Once I get it, it will not heal

Fact: That is not true. Piles are not necessarily recurrent. Your doctor decides the best treatment for piles. Today, laser surgery considered as an effective treatment for piles. It is a minimally invasive procedure with no pain and cuts. The success rate of laser piles surgery is 98%. Making lifestyle changes along with the right treatment can work wonders in the case of piles. Piles have high chances of recurrence with open surgeries. With laser surgery, the chances of recurrence are cut down to a large extent.

Myth: Excessive cycling can cause piles

Fact: People think that sitting on that hard cycle seat for long can cause piles. On the contrary, cycling relaxes pelvic floor muscles. 

Myth: Piles is always associated with bleeding

Fact: Piles may or may not show bleeding symptoms. There are two types of piles – internal and external piles. In external piles, there may be swelling around the anus. In internal piles, initially, there is no protrusion and cannot be felt. There can be mucus discharge along with itching in the anal region. 

Myth: Only men get piles

Fact: In this sedentary lifestyle, both men and women of any age are susceptible to piles. Due to long sitting hours, chronic constipation, or diarrhea, anyone can get piles.

Myth: I eat a lot of fiber to avoid piles

Fact: No doubt, eating fiber is good for your health and digestive system but just dietary habits are not enough. Toilet etiquettes play an important role too over the formation of piles. Avoid sitting for long, exercise and live an active life to prevent piles. (Also Read: Exercises for Piles)

Final Words

Pristyn Care physicians sometimes hear patients talk about misconceptions they have about piles. The condition can be scary when you don’t know what is happening, and especially if you are managing the condition on your own before seeing a colon and rectal specialist. As experts, we want to help patients understand their condition so they are as comfortable as possible with treatment, and all this starts by cleaning some myths about piles. 

If you have any questions about piles and its treatment, you can book an appointment or send your query to us. You can read more information about piles and related problems with solutions on our website. Also, you have an option to consult online with the Pristyn Care piles expert. 

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