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In December of 2018, I started having constant backache. It started wild mild pain and got very severely painful in a few days. My schedule was very hectic during those days. My sister was getting married in two months and I was the person who was handling most of the work for the wedding. I thought the backache is just happening because my body is very exhausted. I was not eating healthy. After a week of severe, unbearable back pain, I went to the doctor and told him my schedule. The doctor asked if I am observing any other symptoms, I told him, “I am also urinating a lot too. My bathroom visits have increased and sometimes, I just have an urge to pee. And sometimes I have pain or feel like a burning sensation while urinating.”

The doctor said the symptoms are indicative of kidney stones. I got worried. I asked the doctor about the severity of the condition and he said to me that he would not be able to help me much in that case. He referred me to a doctor for further treatment. I immediately went to the doctor and told him my case. The doctor asked me to get a CT scan done and come back the next day with the reports. I got the CT scan done after that and I went home. I did not tell my mother as she was already very stressed in all the preparations going on.

Initial Diagnosis of the Disease

I went to that doctor the next day with the reports. After going through my reports, he told me, “Aryaman, you have stage 3 kidney stones”. I had a 10 mm stone in my left kidney. The doctor suggested surgery but showed no urgency. I told him about my current family situation and told him it would be very difficult for me to get the surgery done right now. I asked the doctor if the surgery could wait for two months and he could give me some medicines for the pain and discomfort for that time. The doctor did not show much interest in the case and said “Ok Ok that is your wish, I will give you pain killers. Come back to me when you want to get the surgery done.” and after saying this, he started talking on a call. The doctor clearly did not address me properly. I was already occupied so I just took the medicines and went home. I told my mother now and told her she does not need to worry, it is not very severe.

A month passed with that, I had pain sometimes, but I took the medicine then and it got better.  One night, after having my dinner, I went down for a walk with my friends just near the building only. Suddenly, I started having pain in the abdomen side area. The pain started with mild pain and got extremely severe in just a few minutes. Within a second, it got so bad that I was unable to stand. I told my friends to drop me home. I told my mother that it was just pain and I will be fine. I took medicine and went to sleep. But I could not sleep the whole night and I could feel my blood pressure dropping. I called my mother from the other room and she called the ambulance. I was taken to the doctor.

At the hospital, my mother told the doctor about the kidney stone. The doctor did another scan and found out that the stone had moved to the ureter. The doctor gave me an injection to put me to sleep. The next morning, the doctor told me I need immediate surgery. He told me that the surgery would not be critical but I would need a bed rest of two weeks approximately.

I could not afford that much time. My sister’s wedding was in another twenty days. I could not delay the surgery. My mother was struggling with the hospital staff and in other works all alone. My sister could not be there and I was disheartened to see my old mother trying hard to manage it all on her own. She was doing all the insurance work, paperwork, the hospital forms, medicines, tests, etc. I felt bad looking at the poor health care system in the country.

 A friend of mine then suggested me to undergo laser surgery instead of the open surgery. He told me the benefits I would get there: no pain, complications or risk of infections and same-day discharge. That thing struck my mind. I went online and searched for laser treatment for kidney stones around me. Not many results came. On top came the name of Pristyn Care. I opened their website and read about their treatment for kidney stones.

….Dissatisfied, I moved to Pristyn Care

Pristyn care was providing many benefits which no other health care does. I will just quickly mention the points that made my mind to contact them. Pristyn Care sends a “patient buddy” with the patient and his family on the day of the surgery so that the patient’s family members do not have to face any hassles in the hospital paperwork or any other work there. They will be sending a free cab to pick up the patient from his home for the surgery and the patient buddy would come from there itself. They will take care of all the insurance matters and the patient or his family would not have to face any hassles. Coming to the surgery part, laser surgery would last less than an hour. There would be no cuts, stitches or blood loss. I would be discharged the same day after the surgery. There would be bed rest for two to three days and I would be able to resume a normal lifestyle after that. I just had to follow precautions after that.

I could not want anything better at that moment! I immediately called their number and told them my condition. I also mentioned to them why I chose them (the above-mentioned qualities). They told me not to worry and it will all be easy for me and my family. I shared the reports with them and they called me in the evening to see the doctor. I took the discharge from the hospital and went to the doctor. The doctor confirmed that I can get the laser surgery done. I wanted to get it done as soon as possible. The doctor confirmed the surgery for the next day.

I went home and woke up the next day on time. The cab was waiting at the given time. There was a patient buddy too in the cab. My mother and I went to the hospital. The surgery began on time.  It was quick and absolutely pain-free. I was discharged the next day. My mother did not have to take any hassles for the hospital paperwork or the insurance part. Pristyn Care took care of everything. They also dropped us home.

I thank Pristyn Care with all my heart for their help. Healthcare in India needs such a transformation where the patient’s comfort and ease are kept in consideration! 

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