Self care post pregnancy

A female undergoes many changes during pregnancy. Even after delivering a child, the woman undergoes many changes emotionally, physically and mentally. It is important for the female to stay fit and healthy in order to take care of the baby. Do not avoid your own self while taking care of the baby. The new mother’s body needs a lot of attention and work after pregnancy. There are many bodily changes too that would bother the female. It is always healthy to consult your gynecologist in such cases. Read ahead in the blog the quick tips that every new mother should be aware of.

Self Care at Home after Pregnancy

  • The newborn baby needs a lot of care. It will be of no surprise to hear that the mother spends all hours of the day taking care of the baby and is unable to make time for herself. It is good to devote your time to your baby. But keep in mind you need to stay physically and mentally healthy in order to take care of the baby. Follow the simple tips and suggestions recommended by experts to stay fit and balance things the right way.
  • Take maximum rest. The first few weeks after the delivery, the female feels tired and exhausted. Delivering a baby is a very tough job and your body must need a lot of rest that you are not giving it. Take small naps whenever you can. Try to take rest whenever the baby sleeps.
  • Do not lift heavy weights or objects. In case you have undergone a Cesarean section instead of the normal delivery, it is advised to take maximum bed rests and avoid lifting or doing anything that makes your body tired. Avoid climbing stairs as it can be very tiring. Ask your family to help you with daily life errands. Having family or friends around will be a good moral as well as physical support.
  • Keep your body clean. Hygiene is very essential, especially when you have to be around a baby. Some females have complaints of vaginal discharges after delivery. Keep your inmate areas clean and dry. Also, make sure you wash your hands frequently, especially when around the baby.
  • Take things slowly. If it is your first child, you’re likely to make small, harmless mistakes in the beginning. Try to keep a company along, especially the one who has experience with infant care for your help.

Quick Tips to keep yourself physically fit after Pregnancy

  • Do not douche or use tampons before your first consultation after the delivery. Discuss such things with your gynecologist and follow their advice.
  • Take small walks when you feel fit.
  • Take healthy meals and avoid alcohol or smoking.
  • Drink plenty of water, juices and other healthy fluids to provide sufficient nutrition and strength to your body.
  • Try Kegel and Pelvic exercises after consulting your gynecologist.
  • Consult your gynecologist before having first intercourse after the childbirth. Also, discuss birth control options with your gynecologist.
  • Many women complain of piles after pregnancy. In case you feel discomfort or pain during bowel movements, consult your doctor to the soonest. Do not avoid such symptoms. You can try sitz bath or ice packs for relief from minor symptoms. But if it does not improve in three to four days, get to the doctor.
  • Avoid food that causes constipation. Most women are troubled by constipation after childbirth. Take it as a precautionary measure and try to stop it from occurring by keeping yourself healthy and eating healthy food.

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What to eat after Pregnancy?

  • Balanced Diet- Eat a well-balanced diet after pregnancy. Prefer a variety of healthy food items including fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein-rich foods, and grains.
  • Water and Fluids- Keep your body hydrated. Drink a lot of water, around six to ten glasses each day. Try to drink a lot of water, milk and fresh fruit juices while breastfeeding.
  • Avoid Junk Food- Avoid eating cookies, doughnuts, chips, oily or spicy food items very often. You can satisfy your taste buds by eating such food one in a while, but it should not happen often.
  • Take vitamins- For breastfeeding women, the doctor generally prescribes vitamin supplements. Prenatal vitamins are suggested to women after pregnancy, especially if they are breastfeeding
  • High Protein Diet- Protein is very essential for females after the delivery. It helps the body get strong and recover from childbirth. For cases where a girl under 18 has delivered a child, a lot more protein is required to her the body recover.
  • Fresh fruits and Vegetables- Eat a sufficient amount of fresh fruits and vegetable salads rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals every day.

What to avoid while Breastfeeding?

woman saying no to alcohol
  • Alcohol- Alcohol is a big no after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Drinks and beverages including Malt liquor beverages, beer, hard lemonade, wine, shots, mixed alcohol drinks, etc pass through the woman to the baby while can seriously harm the baby and the brain functioning and development of the infant.
  • Caffeine- just like alcohol, caffeine also can pass through the breast milk and pose a threat to the health and development of the infant. Avoid drinking an excess of coffee, tea, eating chocolate, soft drinks, etc.
  • Swordfish- Fishes such as swordfish, tilefish, shark, etc are known to have high levels of mercury in them. It the brain growth and development of the baby. If you crave for such food, try tuna instead. Also, choose light tuna and do not eat in excess.

Deal with the body changes- Post Pregnancy Stretch Marks

woman's stomach area with stretch marks

Every female has the complaint of stretch marks after childbirth. Stretch marks are a cause of concern for every female. It brings down their self-confidence. You need to keep this in mind that these stretch marks are normal. Give your body some time to heal from the post-childbirth conditions The stretch marks are not a very big problem. They can be easily cured and treated. Focus on your personal health and care of your baby. You can get rid of the stretch marks after childbirth with a pain-free laser treatment. Visit Pristyn Care to know more about this treatment. It is suggested to wait for some weeks after the delivery for such treatments. Meanwhile, do not use any over the counter treatments, medicines, creams or gels for the stretch marks. They may make the stretch marks worse. You can get the stretch marks removed completely in just a 30-minute session! Call on the number to book an appointment with our experts.

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