Risk Factors and Prevention for Prostate Enlargement

The normal prostate is the same as the shape of the walnut and doesn’t cause a problem until they are older. As you will begin to age, the size of your prostate will also increase with age and can cause urinary symptoms. Some men are more likely to develop BPH than others. You can’t avoid certain factors but you can always take some steps to prevent BPH.

How BPH affects the body?

The prostate is a part of a man’s reproductive system. This is a gland which is located just below the bladder. The main job of the prostate is to add fluid and important substances to semen. If you are suffering from BPH, your enlarged prostate can squeeze on your urethra. The urethra is the tube from where your urine travels via to get from the bladder out of the body. BPH causes your bladder to work hard to remove urine which eventually weakens the bladder. Over time, there are other symptoms which occur like an urge to urinate and weak urine flow.

Risk factors of BPH

Almost every man will develop an enlarged prostate. This is rare for men in their early 40s to have BPH. But by 80s, upto 92% of men will suffer from this condition. There are risk factors which will make you more likely to develop BPH:

Family history

BPH can run in families. According to studies, there are a variety of genes which may have a role in the development of BPH.


Being lazy and not doing any activity can lead to prostate problems. Men who are inactive have more chances of developing prostate problems. Staying active will also help you to cut off that extra weight, which is a contributor to BPH.


According to research, diabetes plays an important role in the development of BPH. high levels of insulin can trigger the growth of the prostate. The insulin normally moves sugar from foods out of the bloodstream to be used for energy. People suffering from type-2 diabetes, the body doesn’t respond well to insulin. The levels of insulin are high but not effective. Diabetes also leads to high levels of inflammation and can also affect the levels of sex hormones, which act on the prostate.

Heart disease

Suffering from heart disease doesn’t cause BPH. The risks which contribute to heart problems also increase the growth of prostate like:

  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes


Men who are fat and carry extra weight around their body have high levels of estrogen, it’s a hormone which makes the prostate grow. Obesity is the part of a larger group of symptoms which is called metabolic syndrome which is linked to prostate growth.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction won’t cause BPH and BPH doesn’t cause erectile dysfunction. Both these conditions go hand in hand. There are many medicines which are used to cure BPH which include, tamsulosin and finasteride which can make the erection worse.

Prevention of BPH

prevention of bph

You can’t prevent the BPH risks such as age and genetic factors which are not under your control. But you can control other factors. One of the best ways to avoid prostate problems is by doing exercise which will help to decrease the inflammation. Exercise will also help your body to use insulin more efficiently. Doing aerobic exercises for an hour like swimming, walking or cycling on most days can lower your chances to develop BPH. Exercise can be combined with a healthy diet will cut your chances of becoming overweight and getting diabetes.

It’s necessary to open with your doctor about any concerns which you have regarding prostate health. You should talk about the risks and also discuss the ways to reduce the factors you can handle. If you are looking for the treatment then you should opt for surgery, as surgery will provide you with a better solution. You can visit Pristyn Care to get proper treatment for prostate enlargement. Pristyn Care has experienced doctors specialized in treating prostate enlargement and you will also get follow-up reports.

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