Specific instructions and care during 3rd trimester

As weeks pass in pregnancy, you will notice several changes and new challenges. Being aware of these changes in advance keeps you prepared for them, and it will let you know if some new change is normal in pregnancy or a cause of concern. Most of the changes caused in the third trimester are caused by the expanding uterus. These changes can include fatigue, shortness of breath, back pain etc. 

You may experience other symptoms too, which will be because of hormonal changes. Heartburn and vaginal discharge are to name a few. While vaginal discharge is normal, bleeding or spotting is a cause for concern, and you should immediately call your doctor if you notice it. 

In some cases, itching skin becomes a problem. There is itchiness all over the body. This should not be ignored as normal, and you should check in with your doctor as soon as you start experiencing it. 

It’s very important to be sensitive to the needs of your body. Listen to it, and do what it needs. If you feel like going out and getting some fresh air, go out. If you feel tired, get some rest or a nap. If you feel anything is unusual and uncomfortable, contact your doctor or physician right away. Taking a short walk, eating healthy, prenatal yoga, and using a pregnancy pillow are some things you can do to avoid these issues. 

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Some things that you will experience towards the end of your pregnancy are very normal but extremely uncomfortable. Simple routine work starts being challenging, and you will need help with small tasks. In such a time, it is important to take care of yourself, and remain calm and cool. Although this can be an annoying and irritating time for you, it is important that you keep yourself positive. Some challenges you might have to face towards the end of pregnancy are listed below, along with ways to combat them. 

As time passes and the baby grows, it becomes difficult to move your legs freely, like you used to before pregnancy. To combat this problem, you can wear a support hose. Also, avoid wearing snug shoes and clothes that bind around you. 

  • Controlling the problem of piles

To avoid piles in pregnancy, you should eat food rich in fiber content, have enough fluids and get some light exercise, and avoid standing for too long. Apart from this, start sleeping on your side as it reduces pressure on the veins of the rectum. 

  • Taking care of your breasts

Clean your breasts with plain water, and don’t use any harsh soaps for it as they may cause dryness. Go for a nursing bra. It will provide extra support and hide any leaks.

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  • Controlling heartburn

To avoid heartburn, steer clear of fried, spicy, and acidic food. Have your meals in smaller portions and eat slow. Don’t lie down before two hours of a meal. This would greatly help in controlling the acid reflux and burning sensation.

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  • Controlling back pain

Pregnancy changes the shape of our body, and these changes can strain your back, which leads to back pain. Hormonal changes also affect our muscles and joints, and they can be responsible as well. Ask your doctor for some light exercises and stretches for this. That can help this pain go away efficiently. 

  • Getting good rest

Good and relaxed sleep is important in pregnancy. But you need ample rest and relaxation during the day too. For this, try getting shoulder, neck, foot, and back massages. Keep your body free of excessive physical exertion, so you should limit running errands. Taking a warm bath before going to bed helps the muscles relax, and releases tension in the joints. You could also drink caffeine-free teas or warms milk. This helps in getting a night of good sleep. 

You should know that mood swings are normal and are a part of your condition. To control them, keep your body physically relaxed by getting ample rest and some exercise. Try yoga and meditation, as it helps to clear the mind of anxiety and keeps us positive. 

When pregnant, the focus should not be on getting done and over with the entire thing. Instead, enjoy the little moments, because you’ll get far less time for yourself once the baby comes. As pregnancy plays a big role in preparing one for motherhood. Take care of yourself, both mentally and physically so that your baby is healthy and happy too. Self-care in pregnancy is a real thing and is crucial. Do things that make you happy, pursue your hobbies, and try out new activities. 

Pamper yourself with spa sessions, massages, foot rubs, or maybe even a day at a salon. Getting prenatal massages is extremely relaxing, especially in the third trimester. Have a bubble bath, put on some music, and light up some scented candles to create a smooth and positive atmosphere. Even your baby will hear the music, and this will be a perfect special moment for you and the baby. 

It is essential to treat yourself well and practice self-love in pregnancy. You will be able to take the best care of your baby only when you are happy and relaxed. Never forget that a happy mama makes a happy baby.

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