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Ayurveda while describing any disease talks first about the factors/triggers/reasons that can lead to the condition of piles over a period of time. There is an indication of DO’S along with warning signs to watch for.

The causative factors could be just simple everyday situations, habits, practices, eating patterns and occupational reasons too that we tend to overlook. These are referred to as HETU or NIDAAN in Ayurveda.

And the first step to any treatment for complete healing and effective management is recognizing these followed by elimination i.e. NIDAAN PARIVARJANA

It is only after this is addressed, explained to the patient and managed that the patient gets the treatment.

Some of the commonest and simplest HETUs of ARSHA(piles) in Ayurveda are as follows:

  • Irregular meal timings and long gaps between the meals-this causes irregular digestive patterns and patient is not able to respond to his needs for food and water at correct timings
  • Binge eating after episodes of starvation; which is also a result of the fast-paced lifestyle in Modern Times
  • Sitting on uncomfortable seats for long hours, traveling in uncomfortable seats over long traveling schedules
  • Holding on to natural urges of defecation and thirst due to work-related commitments travel etc.
  • Excessive straining in a hurry to pass motions.
  • Straining for too long; sitting in at the toilet seat while trying to evacuate bowels too much
  • Overuse of purgatives due to hard stools, which can be caused due to inadequate fluids, lubrication, fiber in the diet; or due to indigestion in case of late meals, excessive alcohol intake, smoking, staying awake late etc.
  • Not eating according to the season, geographical distribution, age, hunger, and body PRAKRITI (this is actually a result of “globalization”)
  • Eating disorders or erratic eating patterns in case of emotional and professional stress, unmindful eating while traveling or working.
  • Refined and processed foods, preserved foods, spicy, pungent foodstuffs, junk food at irregular meal timings

All the above is a part of irregular daily routines and stressful lifestyles today.

Understand your body

As Ayurveda talks about a healthy human body as sort of a benchmark to achieve for Wellness and AAROGYA (disease-free existence), there is the description of PRAKRITIS; the Pitta type Prakriti is more susceptible to acquiring piles and related anorectal conditions.

Ayurveda decodes your body for you. If we align with the needs and ‘favourables’ as per our PRAKRITI; we are less likely to fall sick. Ayurveda is not for all; especially those who are looking for a quick relief. 

Hence, it is important to recognize and understand one’s own body type and respond accordingly for complete prevention of distressing conditions like Piles.

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Hence, it is not just about treating your disease. It is not just about what you should NOT DO!


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