What to expect before and after CO2 laser

CO2 Laser is a safe procedure used in cosmetic dermatology and gynecology. A small area of the skin is treated at a time with laser patches that work their magic on the skin. Talking all over, the CO2 laser tones, beautifies, brightens, firms and makes the skin wrinkle free. The whole treatment is carried out in multiple sessions, each at a gap of 20-25 days. The individual can feel and see the benefits of the treatment. The skin that was earlier dry, saggy, uneven and dull becomes bright, even toned, wrinkle free and bright after the CO2 Laser treatment. Most people require 4-6 sessions of the treatment. The exact number varies from person to person and also the area to be treated. The exact number of sessions required can be confirmed by the gynecologist or dermatologist who would be performing the treatment.

What is CO2 Laser?

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CO2 Laser is the most invasive laser treatment option that uses the skin resurfacing treatment option to beautify the skin. It is used to treat numerous amount of skin disorders and is widely used in cosmetic gynecology and dermatology for anti-aging and rejuvenation benefits. With the help of the CO2 laser, the loose and sagging skin of the area is treated with laser patches to transform it to a smooth, toned and wrinkle free skin. It is also used for scar removal, stretch mark removal, dark spot removal, anti-aging, acne scar removal, uneven skin tone and pigmentation, sun damage, etc.

How does CO2 Laser work?

The CO2 laser leaves behind small laser patches that treat the skin in the desired way. This laser has numerous benefits and advantages. In this treatment, the topmost layer of the skin is targeted with CO2 ( Carbon Dioxide ) and ultra pulse beam radiation which remove the aged, wrinkled and damaged cells of the skin. One small area is treated at one time in order to surface a small amount of area with concentrated patches, as per the requirement. One small patch of the skin is infused with microscopic CO2 laser patches, promoting new collagen fabrication in the tissue below the treated skin. The blood vessels, nerve fibers or nerve endings are not damaged or affected in the treatment. The blood vessels below and around the skin self-heal and tighten, giving a new, beautiful skin with smooth and bright texture and complexion.

Where is the CO2 laser used?

CO2 has many benefits and thus can be used to treat many areas having different problems. It is widely used in cosmetic gynecology and dermatology. CO2 user is most popularly used for treatments mentioned below-

Vaginal Rejuvenation

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The CO2 laser is used to beautify the vaginal area. The co2 laser makes the vaginal area more flexible, evens the skin tone, brightens the vaginal area and improves the texture of the vaginal area.

Vaginal Tightening

The female can regain the elasticity and firmness of her vagina with the co2 vaginal tightening procedure. The CO2 laser targets the muscles and tissues in the inner walls of the vagina, making it stiff and hence the vagina becomes tight.

Vaginal Bleach

Due to lack of ventilation and being enclosed in tight clothes all day, the vaginal skin is badly affected. The skin becomes dark with uneven pigmentation and texture. The CO2 laser leaves laser patches to give a bright and even tone to the vaginal area. The effect of the treatment lasts up to four to five years. Make sure to maintain proper hygiene after the treatment for best results.

Post Pregnancy Scar and Stretch Mark Removal

laser treatment on stretch marks on thighs of a female

The skin around the abdomen, hips, and thighs of the female is generally full of stretch marks after pregnancy. With the use of the CO2 laser, the female can have a beautiful and bright ski, with no stretch marks. Approximately 4-5 sessions are required to get rid of all stretch marks around the area.

Anal Bleach

Just like the vaginal area, the skin around the anus and hips becomes dark and uneven with age and time. It can also be damaged due to being exposed to the sun. It can be treated and given a bright and even skin tone with the CO2 laser treatment.

Acne Scar Removal

Acne scars are hard to get rid of. It is a miracle that a skin cream or any other product helps one to get rid of them or even lighten the scars. But the co2 laser has made it easy. CO2 laser helps to get rid of acne scars permanently!

The uneven, dark skin tone can now be transformed into a lighter, brighter, even-toned skin tone with the CO2 laser.

Impressive benefits lasting up to Several Years

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One session of this laser treatment takes just 25-30 minutes to show its miraculous benefits. One the patient has completed all the prescribed number of sessions, there is no need to get follow up appointments. The skin and area treated with the treatment would have visible benefits and results for several years coming ahead. The treated skin continues the collagen production for a long time after the treatment, giving long term results.

Many people are scared of scarring or of the thermal damage because of the use of laser. We use a fractionated method to deliver laser patches on the skin, which has no risk of burning, scarring or any other side effects.

Possible Side Effects

Pain- People with sensitive skin may feel pain before or after the treatment. Not any major pain would be there. Ask your doctor about the pain and they would prescribe the best pain killer to help you. The pain generally goes itself in a few hours after the treatment.

Redness- The skin treated with CO2 laser may have redness or pink patchy skin for one or two days. It is normal. It has no harm to the skin. Apply cold ice pack on the affected area for 5-7 minutes for instant relief.

Swelling- Some patients complain of swelling in the treated area. It is not painful. The doctor would prescribe mild medication for quick recovery of that.

Scar- There is just one percent probability that an individual has a scar left behind on the area treated with laser treatment. Inform your doctor to the soonest in case of the scar for medication or ointments to heal that.

Infection- There are almost no chances of infection. But it is essential to inform the customers of possible side effects.

Laser Treatment to Beautify all skin types and areas

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The CO2 laser can be used in several ways to treat and beautify different parts of the body. It is safe for sure on both men and women. It has just minor side effects that are of no harm in the long run and last just a day or two. The laser treatment only has numerous benefits and no harms. You can now get the skin and body you always craved for! Get an appointment to know more about the treatments and see the benefits with your own eyes!

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