10 Weight Loss Mistakes When You Are Over 40

As we are moving towards this jet age at a fast pace with some major scientific revolutions and modifications in the old rusted ways, life seems to have become quite easy and simple with works getting done with just a click and virtual commands. With such advancements, lethargy and many health problems are crawling stealthily in our lives. One of the most common problems is the problem of obesity which is almost everyone’s problem today, especially women of all age groups. 

So, here we will be discussing some common yet unknown weight loss mistakes that are committed knowingly or unknowingly when you cross 40. Before proceeding, let’s have a layman’s understanding of what is obesity.

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Understanding obesity and its risk factors

Obesity: It can be simply explained as a medical condition that occurs when a person carries excess weight or body fat that could be hazardous to health. Higher BMI (Body Mass Index) indicates higher obesity.

So, obesity is directly related to BMI. BMI is a measurement that combines weight and height and, in turn, suggests what should be the ideal weight of the body. It basically indicates that if a person’s weight is appropriate as per his/her height and sex.

Following are some common reasons accountable for obesity:

  • Genetics
  • Physical inactivity
  • Overeating and bad eating habits (Too much junk) 
  • High simple carbs diet
  • Medications
  • PCOD and several other diseases like hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, etc. 
  • Psychological factors

Several health risks are associated with obesity that includes:

  • High cholesterol levels resulting in a stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Gouts and gouty arthritis
  • Sleep issues or insomnia
  • Cancer

Now, we will discuss the 10 most common weight loss mistakes that people tend to make when they are over 40. Age plays an important role in the weight reduction process. With increasing age, the metabolism slows down and the body might house several mild diseases and disorders that could hamper the process of weight loss by slowing down the metabolism process. 

obesity effect on health

Let’s put a light on some of the top 10 weight loss mistakes: 

  1. Focusing on cardio and ignoring weight training
    After the 40s, the skin gets thinner, drier and less elastic. Hence, one should have proper knowledge of weight training under professional guidance to see the results of their efforts and should not blindly and completely rely on cardio itself or it might make the body saggy.

  2. Skipping meals
    Skipping meals completely can result in various health problems after 40. The body must have a balance of all nutrients and essential elements to maintain proper health. Completely skipping meals might result in less iodine in the body which could lead to amnesia and other health problems with advancing age. So, it’s always advisable to consult a nutritionist or a certified dietician before following a diet regime.

  3. Not eating enough fiber
    With advancing age, the digestive system becomes weak and sort of fragile. Hence, one needs to understand what the body needs to have a proper bowel movement. One of the most common mistakes people tend to do while trying to lose weight is not consuming enough fiber. A fiber-rich diet that might include oatmeal, nuts, peeled fruits, whole grains, leafy vegetables as they are a good source of insoluble fibers which also aids in keeping digestion and bowel movement smooth. One should abide by a proper fiber-rich meal while trying to lose weight over the age of 40.

  4. Setting unrealistic goals
    This is the most common misconception that weight will reduce in the blink of an eye. After the 40s, the working of the body changes, metabolism rate might drastically reduce, some health complications develop. Therefore, it is advisable to set realistic goals weekly to see smooth results with lesser complications naturally.

  5. Not reading ingredient labels
    People often tend to follow the hearsay of opting for a particular diet with the successful weight loss stories of their kins and family. It’s important to keep in mind that everybody is different and requires a proper diet as per the respective BMI and particular deficiencies that a body type might have. Also, it’s always suggested to know what your body needs in a good amount and what it needs in a lesser amount with the help of various check-ups. The tests may include blood tests, blood pressure and bone density tests under the guidance of a professional medical expert.

  6. Heavy and strenuous exercises
    After 40, a human body tends to become weaker naturally resulting in various possible problems like joint pain problems, arthritis, calcium deficiency, chronic pain in various body parts, knee pain, etc. One should have proper knowledge of performing exercises analyzing their body with the help of a physiotherapist or any past experience. Strenuous and vigorous exercises must be performed only after proper instructions by some medical practitioners.

  7. Not managing stress
    With the years adding up to your life there is another companion that stands by your side. That is stress. Stress can hamper your immune system and can result in the development of some unwanted health issues, chronic diseases and even lasting depression. Although exercise helps a lot in curbing stress. But knowing your anxiety issues and controlling the same lies in your hand. Meditation helps a lot in controlling stress. Hence, one can go for advice exercises after 40 figuring out the loopholes in the lifestyle and controlling the same.

  8. Not getting enough sleep due to improper work-life balance
    Too hectic lifestyle with loads of responsibilities and deadlines in the mid-40s can result in burdening piles of stress which would, in turn, won’t give proper weight loss results. This could cause insomnia and chronic headache and irritation. It is advisable to keep your sleep regime under check and get a proper sleep of at least 7 hours to avoid fatigue and stress.

  9. Over-exercising
    Overdoing your workouts after 40 might invite some terrible troubles. Overdoing the workouts can actually lead to diminished strength and increased body fat. Required breaks are necessary to help the body repair itself for every age slot. Too much exertion after the 40s would do more harm than good and could also result in a stroke.

  10. Relying blindly on supplements and diet pills
    After 40, the body’s requirement changes. Just because it aided in someone else’s weight loss mission doesn’t mean that it would be miraculous for your body too. It might result in some dreaded deficiencies. One should consult a certified nutritionist for the best results instead of blindly imitating someone else’s prescription and diet.

10 weight loss mistakes


These were some of the common mistakes that a person tends to commit expecting some weight loss after 40. The phrase- “No pain, no gain” should not be taken too literally after you reach a certain age. One should always consult a doctor, dietician or certified fitness trainer before working on their weight loss plan after 40 instead of jumping on the bandwagon. As the body types are different and different age groups have particular requirements to be fulfilled, various possible ailments and deficiencies could be avoided after consultation.

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