Infertility in males is among the common reasons that make them worried. Though common, many males still find it difficult to open up about their condition of infertility. This in addition only adds up to their problems and prevents them from seeking help to find out the root cause of infertility.

Here we will put forth all the possible causes of infertility in males. This may help you get clarity about the condition. 

So, let’s begin with the causes of infertility in detail:

  • Sperm Abnormalities

An abnormality in any of the sperm parameters can lower the survival chances and make it more difficult for the sperm to fertilize the egg. In most men complaining of infertility, it is found that the main factor contributing to the issue is an abnormality with the sperm count, quality, shape, size, or motility.

abnormal sperm

  • Obstruction of the sperm

A blockage in any part of the male reproductive tract can obstruct the sperm from leaving the body and reaching the female vagina. This blockage can be a result of repeated infections, swelling, developmental defects, or some surgeries. When the sperm can’t reach the female reproductive system, fertility issues are bound to arise.

  • Hormonal deficiencies

A number of hormones like testosterone, FSH, gonadotrophin, etc play a crucial role in the optimal functioning of the testicles and sperm production. The pituitary gland in the brain is responsible for stimulating the production of these hormones. Any problem with the hormone production can result in a hormonal deficiency, which, in turn, can give rise to infertility issues.

  • Genetic problems

Genetic mutations or chromosome abnormalities can adversely impact sperm production and can even block the flow of sperm, subsequently leading to infertility. Chromosomal conditions like Klinefelter Syndrome, Down Syndrome, and Y chromosome deletions affect the way sperms are produced and can negatively impact the fertility in men.

  • Medical conditions

Certain medical conditions like Hypospadias, Cystic Fibrosis, anemia, Cushing’s disease, diabetes, etc. can also adversely affect sperm production and delivery. This can result in problems while trying to conceive.

  • Sperm antibodies

In a few cases of male infertility, it is found that the underlying cause of infertility is the production of antibodies that damage or kill the sperms. These antibodies hinder the proper production and movement of sperms, resulting in difficulties in fertilization. Although the incidences are not very common, sperm antibodies can cause infertility in some men.

  • Ejaculation problems and sexual dysfunction

Ejaculation problems and sexual dysfunction can be another major cause of fertility issues in men. One of the most common sexual dysfunction that leads to infertility is retrograde ejaculation. In retrograde ejaculation, the semen moves backward and goes into the bladder instead of going out of the penis. Due to this, the sperm cannot reach the vagina, and fertility problems arise. (Also read: What are the warning signs of erectile dysfunction?)

sexual dysfunction in males

  • Varicoceles

Varicoceles lead to infertility in a large fraction of men. Men with varicoceles have about a 30 percent greater chance of facing fertility problems. Although the exact reason behind this is not known, however, the most widely believed theory is that varicoceles increase the testicular temperature and impair the functioning of the testis. This reduces semen quality and leads to infertility.

  • Exposure to certain chemicals and toxins

Prolonged exposure to radiations, chemotherapy, toxins, and some chemicals can also negatively affect the sperms. Cigarette smoking, tobacco use, and excessive consumption of alcohol can adversely impact sperm quality in the long run. This can very often lead to difficulties in conceiving a child and can lead to many other sexual problems as well.

  • Prolonged use of antibiotics

Prolonged or frequent use of antibiotics has adverse effects on the forming and functioning of sperms. Minocycline is one of those antibiotics that proves to have toxic effects on sperm concentration.

antibiotics and erectile dysfunction

  • Psychological causes of infertility in males

The psychological or mental state of a person has a huge effect on their physical health as well. Whenever men experience fertility issues, men tend to feel some sort of social stigma. It feels like someone is questioning their masculinity. Men are usually not emotionally vocal and all such negative thoughts start piling up in their minds. (Also read: Can lifestyle and psychological factors cause erectile dysfunction? )

This further increases their anxiety, depression, and stress and creates a feeling of worthlessness. It becomes a never-ending loop due to which the fertility problems keep on worsening. 

However, you should keep in mind that these issues are very common. You are not the only one going through this phase. So, talk about it. Discuss it with your partner and the people you trust. Vent all the negative thoughts out and then make a rational decision.

Medical Consultation Is Necessary For Infertility In Males

It is always better to seek medical advice whenever such problems arise. You may be able to get temporary relief without medical consultation as well. However, in such cases, the chances of recurrence are quite high.

Therefore, for a permanent solution, you need to treat the condition at its root. This is where medical guidance becomes necessary. 

So, if you are facing infertility issues, seek advice from an expert and compassionate doctor. Do not hesitate, open up to your doctor about everything so that he can assess the root cause and then suggest the best treatment.

Before you leave, here are few effective tips that you can take away with you

  • Foods like oysters, ginger, pomegranates, green leafy vegetables, fish oil, and fatty fish boost the testosterone levels and improve fertility naturally. Therefore, try to incorporate as many of these food items as you can.
  • Vitamin-rich foods, especially Vitamin E and Vitamin C significantly improve the condition of infertility in men. So, increase the intake of vitamin-rich foods for better reproductive health.
  • Stay active. Exercises like jogging, skipping, swimming, lower body stretching, and cardio boosts the blood flow to the lower body and strengthen the reproductive system. Practice these on a routine basis and you’ll be able to kick away infertility.
  • Last but not least, make sure that you take out 30-40 minutes of your time just for yourself every day. Do the things that bring peace to your mind and stay calm. Do not let the stress pile up. A healthy mind will solve 50 percent of your problems and will help you cope up with the issue better.

These tips will boost your fertility and keep away the troubles of infertility. So, embrace these tips from today only! 

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