What are the mistakes we have been making in our daily life? Our everyday choices that make our daily schedule, be it the food we eat, the activities we perform, etc., affect our bodily function. 

Urbanization and improvement in technologies have bought changes in the standards of living. It has surely made our tasks easier but reduced the amount of physical activity in our day to day life.

No doubt, many of us prefer ordering a pizza at our doorstep than going to the kitchen and making healthy food. Poor eating habits such as eating junk and processed food items, having carbonated drinks, irregular meals can cause adverse effects on our body. Also, lack of physical activity can also lead to internal problems.

Gastrointestinal problem is one such illness resulting due to lifestyle mistakes. Our digestive system has a significant role in our overall health. A mere stomach ache can make us feel uncomfortable, so is the sensitivity of this organ. Stuffing yourself with junk food or not feeding your stomach timely can lead to acid reflux in the stomach.

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Lifestyle diseases are easy to prevent but maintaining a good lifestyle may not be easy for some. Here are some lifestyle habits that may lead to a gastrointestinal problem.

Unhealthy Eating Schedule

The time at which you eat is crucial when it comes to digestive health. It is important to have your meals on time and at proper intervals. Keeping your stomach empty for too long or stuffing it too much at a time can both lead to abnormal conditions.

Bad Food Choices

To help with a busy lifestyle, making a choice of convenience is common among many. Because of which you may end up eating processed and junk food. Try adding more fiber-rich food to your diet. It is important to prioritize your health before comfort to have a healthy body system in the coming years of your life.

Smoking and Alcoholism

The habit of smoking and addiction to alcohol is becoming common among youngsters. Both habits may cause intense harm to your internal organs and poor digestive health. Smoking can cause burning in the stomach and too much alcohol may even develop ulcers.


Chewing gums may facilitate air to enter your stomach making you feel bloated and may even lead to burping and gas. Moreover, the artificial sweeteners in these gums can worsen the condition over time.


Medicines are sometimes beneficial to fight bacterial infections; however, overusing it may lead to problems such as gastric ulcers. Aspirin and non-steroidal drugs are some examples.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Urbanization has reduced the physical activity among people contributing to the rise of conditions such as hypertension, an increase in cholesterol levels, heart diseases, diabetes, and many others. Not including physical activity or walking in your daily life can also increase stress and anxiety in this high-tech world.

Poor Sleep Patterns

Our body needs rest and hence, good sleep is the eternal need for a healthy body. We often neglect the importance of sleep for overall well-being. As per the natural body cycle, 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary for every individual. Poor sleep can affect metabolic, endocrine and neurological functions. Sleep deprivation, may also put you at risk of hypertension, increased cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, sleep disorders to name a few.

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