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Grandmothers hold a lot of wisdom. We don’t really understand it when we’re young, but while they are old fashioned in some ways, they are often right about many things. This is absolutely accurate when it comes to eating right. I was fortunate enough to grow up with my grandmother living in the same home, and she guided us on many food lessons. So in the age of fancy food selling and corporations trying to sell you this or that oil, superfood, or decoction, it’s a good idea to remind yourself of these time-honored teachings and how we can help you eat in a way that your grandma would approve of today.


Grandmothers hold a lot of wisdom - Pristyn Care


I am listing some things that my grandmother always used to say when she used to see me eating outside food or something she would not like.

Best Grandmother rules for eating healthy


Best Grandmother rules for eating healthy - Pristyn care


  1. Cook from scratch

Cook from scratch - Pristyn care

This is the most basic thing she always asked me to do. Even if you reach home late from work or you don’t know how to cook, give it a shot. You can watch youtube videos or learn it in the call with your mother. It doesn’t have to be labor-intensive, you can try slow cookers and quick recipes abound, it is cheaper and generally healthier. Moreover, it can be relaxing and pleasurable, tastes better and, on top of that, feeding people something you’ve cooked provides the chef with the profound pleasure of nurturing loved ones.

  1. Eat home-cooked meals

Eat home-cooked meals - Pristyn Care

The best thing about grandmas is that they like to cook for us. They use life-time of experience to cook food that satisfies or taste buds and keep our gut healthy. Also, the grandmother’s love sometimes spoils you with treats, but no matter what, they always make your home-cooked meals. You may have been lucky enough to be fed homemade dishes or dal in an Indian household.

Even when she made something not-so-healthy, like the cake or oil cooked Kachodi (Festive Indian food) for our birthdays, she made with architectural precision. Of course, home-cooked meals take time to cook, but they are still no less than an investment in our grab-and-go culture. (Also Read: 7 Tasty Yet Healthy Indian Breakfast Meals You Should Start Eating Now )

  1. Eat foods in their whole, unprocessed state

Eat foods in their whole, unprocessed state - Pristyn Care

Grandmas always go out of her way to make you special food. I am sure she mostly fed you foods in their whole, unprocessed state. See, when I was growing up, my grandma had a little plot of land in our backyard and she loved planting cucumbers and tomatoes. I still remember that they always tasted so much better than anything we buy at any grocery store.

As a kid, I use to fight for Lunchable foods or cool stuff to eat with my friends, she would protest and insist that I eat real food. Granted, she always made sure to add plenty of fat, salt, and sugar to make them taste good, but these foods were still real, not something made by a corporation.

  1. Don’t eat fake or packed food

Don't eat fake or packed food - pristyn Care

Here, I am sharing some wise words from the modern food writer, Michael Pollan. He once said ‘Don’t eat anything your great-great-great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.’ Those aren’t foods, in addition, they are food products. A lot of history suggests you might want to wait a few decades or so before adding such innovations to your diet. The use of margarine for butter being the classic case in point. Right? What would your great-great-great grandmother think of Cheetos or Processed food? Getting it.

  1. Eat mostly plants

Eat mostly plants - Pristyn Care

My grandmother was a vegetarian, so as a child, I use to get surprised by her cooking. She mostly focused on vegetables, legumes, fruit, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Take any world civilization for example and you will find that starches and legumes make up the bulk of their calories. (Also Read: 10 Yummy Fiber Vegetables That You Should Eat Every day )

  1. Don’t snack in between meals

Don’t snack in between meals - Pristyn Care

Even though recent findings say that eat small meals frequently throughout the day, a lot of people only eat two or three meals a day. Also, they do not snack in between meals. They simulate a lot of the benefits of intermittent fasting. To be effective, you have to eat regular meals, just don’t add micro-meals between them.

Interestingly, most of the world’s religions have special holidays. They can be Navaratra, Ramadan, Yom Kippur where fasting is embedded in spiritual practices. If you eat three meals a day, you can fast for 12 hours a day or longer overnight, which provides fasting-like benefits. Of course, if you’re starving, have a snack. (Also Read: Eating Habits for Healthy Intestines )

guide on wholesome foods - Pristyn care

Before Goodbye

Eating right does require effort that you may not be able to apply in today’s fast-paced culture. But that’s where we come in. We have shared a lot of guides on wholesome organic foods that you can eat to be fit. We have also shared blogs on foods to improve your health conditions. Read our blogs to learn the best foods for you.


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