The following is the story of Amarnath, one of the patients from Pristyn Care who got laser surgery for piles.

Amarnath’s Story

My name is Amarnath. I belong to Pune, Maharashtra. I had been a patient of piles for a few years. I first noticed pain while going to the toilet around a couple of years ago. When the pain did not subside by itself in a few days, I went to see a doctor for it. But I was told that maybe there was a little swelling, which will go away by itself in a few days. I waited, but I got no relief. On the contrary, the pain escalated, and after a couple of weeks, I started noticing bleeding as well.

My first instinct was using some creams and ointments from some local chemists. But after seeing no result, I went to see a doctor. I was diagnosed with piles and was given some medications and creams with instructions to regulars follow-ups. I obliged with everything that was told, but the problem did not go away. Then I decided to change my doctor and started looking for references and reviews of other hospitals. I was told about Pristyn Care by an acquaintance. I checked the reviews, which were pretty impressive, and booked an appointment.

I went to Pristyn Care on a decided day and got myself checked and examined. I was suggested surgery to get rid of piles. I was skeptical at first, but then the doctor explained to me that the surgery was painless and stitch-less. He assured that the surrey will take very little time and cure me of my problems. This made me feel positive, and it was decided that I will have surgery after two days.

A cab from Pristyn Care came to pick me up on the day of the surgery. When I got to the hospital, I was prepared for my surgery and explained the process to be followed. My surgery was done in a couple of hours only, and after it, I felt no post-surgery pain at all. I didn’t get even one stitch and was told that I will be discharged in two days. My Pristyn Care patient buddy stayed with me for two days and made sure I was following the recovery process properly. 

After two days, I was examined by my doctor, and he told me I was good to go. Even after two weeks of my surgery, I got a follow-up call from the hospital. No organization can provide services like Pristyn Care. I am so glad I chose this place for my treatment. I am very grateful to this organization and highly recommend others to choose it too. 

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