The following is the story of Vishal, one of the patients from Pristyn Care who got laser surgery for piles.

My name is Vishal. In March, I had a surgery for piles at Prystin Care. I am sharing my experience through this testimonial. I first felt discomfort while going to the bathroom around a year ago. It started with minor pain, so I did not care about it. The pain increased in the coming weeks, and this began to worry me. I went to see a general physician, and he told me that it was a mild swelling, probably because of friction or too much pressure, and that it will go away by itself. I waited for a month while using creams and ointments, but there was no effect. 

After going through this for several months, one day, I felt excruciating pain while going to the bathroom and also noticed blood. I got really worried and decided to consult with a new doctor to sort my problem. 

On the internet, I read about Pristyn Care and was quite impressed by the reviews. I booked an appointment and visited the doctor. He asked questions and then physically examined me, and diagnosed me with piles. The doctor told me that this problem was not going to go away by itself, and it needed a surgical procedure to be cured permanently. I got nervous because stitches, cuts, bleeding, and other things about surgeries scare me. But the doctor assured me that this would not be a traditional surgery, but a very advanced Laser surgery. It would require not even a single cut or stitch and will be done in not more than a couple hours. I felt a little comfortable with the idea of surgery after hearing this and agreed to go through with it the next week. 

In March, during the lockdown, transportation became an issue. But the hospital arranged pick and drop cab service for me. Once I got to the hospital, I was admitted and prepped for the surgery. I became unconscious after the anesthesia, and when I woke up, the doctor told me that the surgery had been done. The surgery was done very well. It was painless. I was surprised because it didn’t feel like anything had been done, and yet I was cured of piles. 

Undergoing surgery can be very difficult for both the patient and his family, but Pristyn Care made sure that the process was smooth and comfortable. 

The staff and my Pristyn Care Buddy took care of everything so well that I did not need any family member to care for me at all. After the surgery, the follow-ups were conducted very well and it was confirmed that I was cured of piles. I am thankful to Pristyn Care for their wonderful services. 

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