5 Ways To Promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month At Workplace

As we march triumphantly towards the 21st century with the glare and glitter of satellites, supercomputers, and sophisticated technology, our life seems to have become a bed of roses. The old order has indeed changed, yielding place to new. And in the process, we get drifted apart from noticing the prominent signs of health and wellness. In all this humdrum, do we ever pause and reflect over the evil effects of such a fast-moving life and contemporary lifestyle?

In this modern era, many life-threatening diseases and ailments are being discovered. Some of them cannot be treated and some of them could be treated with a lot of your time, energy and money. So now, the question arises – why there is a sudden increase in diseases and health problems? The answer to this is unawareness about them. And these days, women are so busy multitasking and outdoing everyone in all fields that they seldom take care of their health and wellbeing. 

Breast cancer is one of the most common problems that women face worldwide. The negligence and unawareness about the same pose serious life-threatening conditions. So we will be here discussing the ways to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month to let all the lovely ladies know how important their health and wellbeing is to their family and themselves. 

What is breast cancer?

The basic building blocks of life are cells. Cells have to be healthy to promote a healthy life in return. When malignant tumors develop in the breast due to uncontrolled cell division, it’s called breast cancer. This happens when cell growth doesn’t go well and new cells keep forming even when the body doesn’t need them. Old and damaged cells do not die as they should as per the natural process. That leads to a cell buildup which usually is in the form of lump and is also known as tumor. 

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The main danger-

Due to the above-mentioned process, foul cells develop in the breast leading to tumour. The danger starts when these cells start breaking away from the original tumour and start entering blood vessels or lymph vessels which spreads in tissues throughout the body. 

This process is called metastasis which includes traveling of cells to other parts of the body which as a result damages other tissues and organs.

Well, what we can do most in our capacity is we can make more and more people aware of breast cancer. Especially women, maintaining their hectic lifestyle need to understand how important it is to analyze and study slight changes in the body which might eventually prove to be life-threatening.

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Make Awareness At Workplace

We will now be discussing how we can promote breast cancer awareness month at workplace. Following are the 5 ways to the related discussion topic:

  1. Workshop discussing Genetic risk factors that cannot be changed
    People should be made aware of the risk factors that could exist and can’t be altered such as:

    • Age: Commonly observed age for breast cancer in a woman is post 55.
    • Gender: Breast cancer has 100 times more occurrence rate in women than men.
    • Race and family history: Caucasian race women are diagnosed with breast cancer more than any other race. Family history poses a higher risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer in the future.
    • Menopause and menstrual history: Early menstruation, late menopause, giving birth at an older age or not giving birth at all also increases the risks.

      Breast Cancer awareness
  2. Skits or stage activity depicting stories/ Share stories

    People empathize and understand more when a pictorial story or real drama is shown or conducted.

  3. Fundraising activities

    There’s an endless possibility for raising funds. Encourage collaboration. Employees can show support through non-financial activities as well like donating hair, donating beautiful hats and scarves to local chemo centers.

    Run for breast cancer awareness

  4. Promote pink all over the workplace throughout October month

    Pink should be in focus and should be all over the place. Fun activities like ramp walks and fashion shows could be organized focusing the pink theme in mind and throughout the event, the host can share the facts and resources about breast cancer.

    go pink for breast cancer

  5. Provide education and discuss deteriorating environmental factors affecting women’s health

    Some factors leading to breast cancer which could also be altered should be precisely explained such as:

    • Poor diet and substance abuse: Consuming a saturated fat diet, no fibers, drugs, alcohol, and smoking also contribute to being one of the reasons.
    • Radiation exposure: Having certain radiation therapy to the chest before the age of 30 also increases the risk of breast cancer.

Let’s Go Pink!

This fast-paced life, pollution, and bad eating regime are causing a great deal of trouble for everyone. All we can do is to be vigilant enough to escape self-inviting health problems. You cannot prevent breast cancer but women should be made aware of self-breast examination to pick up cancer early.

A workplace plays an important role in a woman’s life in molding her and educating her about several things. Let’s use this fact in the best way to make people aware of breast cancer this October. We all know that breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. So, let’s GO PINK for the month and support the cause.

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