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Every one in 250 Indian children suffer from mild to severe hearing loss. Ever since the first Walkman was introduced, it has become a common sight for us when we see each and every person walking on the streets with their earphones plugged in. 

There is enough evidence that suggests that listening to loud music for long hours can lead to permanent hearing loss. Indoors as well as outdoors are noisy. Apart from the surrounding noise, there is an incessant sound of a TV, fans, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. 

Evidently, noise pollution increases the risk factor of cardiovascular diseases and also contribute to hidden psychological complications.

Try these 10 Simple yet Effective Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss.


  1. Use earplugs when moving around places with loud noises

    It is quite obvious that when we mow the lawn or attend a rock concert, we tend to expose ourselves to noisy situations without any protection. The following everyday activities can put your hearing health at risk-

    – Spending time in heavy traffic
    – Watching or burning firecrackers
    – Using a saw
    – Shooting a rifle
    – Listening to loud music, either through car radio or headphones or earbuds
    – Spending long hours near a construction site
    – Riding a motorcycle

  2. Keep the volume down

    According to the World Health Organization, when there is hearing loss in the young population it not only affects communication but also cognition, behavior, social-emotional development, academic outcomes, and vocational opportunities.
    Try to follow the 60/60 rule if you are a music lover. According to this rule, you should not listen to music with headphones at not more than 60% of the volume for no more than 60 minutes a day.
    Earbuds are far worse as these fit directly next to the eardrums which cause more damage. You can also keep the music at a low volume at a social event so that people are not forced into shouting during a conversation.

  3. Give some time to your ears to recover

    When you walk into a concert or bar your ears are exposed to loud noises for long hours. The ear takes time to recover after exposing your ears to loud music. So, when you go to a concert or a bar, step away from the speakers for five minutes so that the ears can rest.

  4. Avoid using cotton swabs regularly

    It is quite natural for us to clean the ear canal whenever there is a discharge or wax coming out. But what we fail to understand is that earwax performs various functions that protect the ear from external agents. Instead of cotton swabs, what you can do is clean the ear canal gently with a damp towel.
    Ears are actually self-cleansing organs which means a little bit of earwax is natural as it stops harmful particles from entering.

  5. Take only prescribed medicines

    Medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen that can contribute to loss of hearing or poisoning of the ear (ototoxicity).  If these medicines are contributing to the loss of hearing, then talk to your doctor regarding the same.


  6. Keep your ears dry

    It is important that you keep the ear canal absolutely dry. The reason being excessive moisture makes it easier for bacteria to attack the ear canal. These can cause various ear infections including Swimmer’s ear which can lead to hearing impairment.
    If by mistake water enters the ear during bathing or swimming, just tilt the head to the side and pull your ear to let the water out.

  7. Get up and keep moving

    Try cardio exercises like walking, running, or cycling to pump blood to all parts of the body, including the ears. This keeps the internal ear healthy and functioning to their full potential. When you go out, be sure to be safe. Wear a helmet so that if you fall and hit your head, there is no concussion.

  8. Reduce the stress level

    Nowadays, stress and anxiety are the biggest contributors to various conditions. Permanent or temporary ringing in the ears (tinnitus)  is another condition that can occur due to stress. When you are highly stressed, your body produces a high level of adrenaline which puts a lot of pressure on the nerves, increases blood flow, generates heat and more. Similarly, pressure and stress can cause symptoms of tinnitus. (Also Read: Yoga Poses for Tinnitus)

  9. Try better communication strategies

    Make strategies so that you can communicate better with your peers. Some of the strategies you can try are:

    – Minimize the background noise
    – Ask others what you need for better hearing and communication
    – Try to look for visual signs
    – Ask a person honestly if you couldn’t hear them properly
    – When someone makes fun of your hearing, take it lightly

  10. Get yourself checked regularly

    It is important that you visit an E.N.T doctor regularly for check-ups. Go for hearing screen ups annually so that you are able to recognize the signs of hearing loss more effectively.

A word from Pristyn Care

Loss of hearing gradually can affect relationships both professionally and personally. These can further contribute to stress and frustration. So if you are experiencing symptoms of hearing loss, contact an E.N.T specialist. There can be several reasons behind hearing impairment. These can be cured using home remedies but surgery such as tympanoplasty or other surgical interventions are the most effective options.

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