How to increase male motility?

Infertility in males has become a viable issue today, affecting one out of six couples. According to medical analysts, in about thirty-five percent of the cases, fertility problems are with the male partner alone, not the female one. (Also Read: What Are the Types of Male Infertility? )

A healthy diet, positive changes in lifestyle and medical supplements can help in improving male motility, the most influential factors being diet and food along with lifestyle.

An influencing factor in a couple’s ability to conceive is the health of the sperm. Some major criteria for determining sperm health are a follows:

  • Sperm motility
  • The shape of the sperm
  • Acrosome reaction
  • Zona pellucida binding
  • The volume of sperm produced
  • Nuclear decondensation

Ways to produce a healthy sperm

Some simple steps can be taken to increase the chances of healthy sperm. These are simple lifestyle changes that have had positive effects earlier.

  • Watch your Weight


fat man sitting on bed


Weight issues and obesity can be linked with infertility. If you are overweight and infertile, losing weight can help you deal with infertility.

  • A healthy lifestyle


man eating healthy food and drinking milk


An unhealthy lifestyle disrupts your overall health, which can cause many issues including infertility.

  • Controlled alcohol intake


man saying no to alcohol

Heavy alcohol intake reduces testosterone levels and reduces semen quality, thereby leading to possible infertility.

  • Get sufficient folate


foods rich in folate

Some researches prove that a low intake of folate can impair the quality of sperm.  (Also Read: Top 10 Foods To Increase Male Fertility )

  • Sufficient hours of sleep 


young man sleeping well in his bed

An adequate amount of sleep is required for maintaining your overall health. Poor sleep can lead to fatigue, which impairs semen quality.

  • Walnuts

Consuming foods rich in antioxidants, like walnuts lower the chances of infertility.

  • Supplements

man taking health supplements
Supplements rich in antioxidants can also work to your benefit and decrease the risk of infertility.

  • Avoid Soy

Soy free written on a dull yellow background
Soy has a lot of isoflavones, which cause poor semen quality.

  • Fruits and veggies

Fruits and Vegetables
Having a side of vegetables and fruit salads once a day improves sperm health, as both are rich in antioxidants.

  • Steer clear of STIs

medical checkup for STI
Sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea or chlamydia can lead to infertility in men. To reduce this risk, one should limit the number of sexual partners and always engage in protected coitus. It is best to have a mutually consented monogamous relationship.

  • Physical exercise

man working out in gym
Light physical workout now and then increases sperm health. (Also Read: Low sperm Count – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment)


Things to be cautious of

Environmental factors and excessive heat or chemical exposure can be harmful to sperm health. Here are some things you should avoid for maintaining sperm quality.

  • Smoking
    Recent studies reveal that men who smoke are prone to have problems with infertility. If you already smoke, ask your physician to help you to discontinue smoking.
  • Excessive alcohol
    Excess alcohol consumption reduces the level of testosterone and also decreases sperm production.
  • Avoid Lubricants during coitus
    Prefer using baby oil, pre-seed, canola oil or egg whites for lubrication, rather than artificial ones.
  • Be careful about toxins
    Exposure to toxins like pesticides and lead can adversely affect sperm production and quality. Steroids can have the same effect.
  • Know about medication
    Some categories of medication can have a direct effect on fertility. So consult your doctor before beginning any medication.
  • Keep yourself cool
    An increase in body temperature increases the scrotal temperature. This hinders sperm production.

Radiation and chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer can disturb sperm production and might lead to permanent infertility. If you have to undergo any such treatment, consult your doctor about retrieving and storing your sperm for the future.


doctor explaining about male motility

Male fertility is influenced by many factors. Pregnancy can occur if the sperm is otherwise healthy with low motility. With the use of technology such as in vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination, the chances of pregnancy can be increased. If you have been unsuccessful in conceiving from ten to twelve months, you should consult your doctor. You and your partner can be tested and any fertility issues, if there can be diagnosed timely. 


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