lifestyle and psychological factors for erectile dysfunction

The inability of a man to get his penis erect or keep the erection for a long time to enjoy sexual intercourse is called erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence). It happens when the blood flow to the penis is insufficient for sustaining the erection. Erectile dysfunction is a problem that most males face and feel very embarrassed to open up about it. This makes them feel miserable about themselves. As a result, men often choose to deal with the problem in silence rather than seeking help for it. But, if we look at it logically, leaving all the social stigmas behind, then it is a health problem that needs medical attention.  

Lifestyle and Psychological factors behind erectile dysfunction

Among the various causes that lead to erectile dysfunction in men, it should be noted that lifestyle and psychological factors contribute majorly to it. Most of us might already know the physical factors but are unaware of the psychological factors of erectile dysfunction. (Also Read: Diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction: Symptoms And Remedies )

Let’s know how your mental health or psychological can result in erectile dysfunction



When you experience too much stress due to any reason for a long time, it can lead to erectile dysfunction for some time. The reason for stress can be anything, be it workload, personal relations, etc. So, you might find yourself unable to have sexual intercourse during this period and hence stress management becomes necessary.


It is true that anxiety affects your physical health. Anxiety causes health issues like hypertension, fatigue, etc. anxiety is among the most common reasons for erectile dysfunction. As a result, it leads to interference in your sexual life. Usually, it ends up causing erectile dysfunction. (Also Read: What Are The Warning Signs Of Erectile Dysfunction? )

stress and anxiety can cause erectile dysfunction


Depression is a mental illness that has a major impact on your libido and sexual functions. Though you may not be able to identify yourself with the symptoms initially, it is a major psychological factor causing erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction and depression both are treatable and must be treated on time. You should seek medical help to get rid of both of these problems as soon as possible.

Emotional trouble

If you are having a hard time dealing with your emotions such as anger, regret, fears, guilt, low self-esteem, insecurities, it does result in affecting your sexual health. Talking about your emotional troubles with your partner will help you in coping with them better and also enable you to get rid of erectile dysfunction. Also, do not get too consumed worrying about your sexual performance, as it can result in erectile dysfunction.  (Also Read: Erectile Dysfunction: Don’t Let the Myths Fool You! )

factors of erectile dysfunction

In a case dealing with your emotional troubles does not help, then do not feel shy or hesitant in taking medical help for treating erectile dysfunction. But, do take care of your mind as much as your physical health.

If you follow unhealthy lifestyle practices, it can also result in problems with the erection of the penis.

Here are common lifestyle-related factors that often result in erectile dysfunction.

Inactive lifestyle-

Following a sedentary mode of lifestyle can make you more prone to erectile dysfunction. Indulge yourself in healthy physical activities such as sports, swimming, running, etc, to save yourself from erectile dysfunction. (Also Read: Most Recommended Erectile Dysfunction Exercises )

Unhealthy eating habits-

Unhealthy eating habits can cause you a lot of health problems that can ultimately result in erectile dysfunction. Such habits can also give rise to obesity, heart-related diseases, hypertension, diabetes, diseases related to the vascular system. It is better to avoid these health issues to keep yourself away from the risks of erectile dysfunction.

Excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol-

If you frequently and excessively consume alcohol and tobacco, it does affect your sexual health. Therefore, either limit or put a stop to this unhealthy habit to stay fit and healthy.
smoking and alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction

Consumption of drugs-

Consuming illicit drugs can potentially interfere with your sexual performance by causing erectile dysfunction. And not just that it also other negative effects on your mental health as well.


Chronic smoking results in the lower level of testosterone in the body.  This in result, affects the sperm count in the body. And let’s not miss out on its adverse effects on your respiratory system also.

Therefore, ditch these unhealthy lifestyle practices to keep the problem of erectile dysfunction at bay. You should rather choose an active lifestyle with healthy eating habits if you are dealing with erectile dysfunction. 

Take Away

treatment for erectile dysfunction

The best way to treat erectile dysfunction is by consulting a specialist doctor. You should reach out to a specialist doctor as soon as you start facing erectile dysfunction. It is necessary to treat the underlying causes, be it lifestyle-related or psychological factors.


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