The following is the story of Divya Bharti in the words of her husband, Dharampal Jiwane. They are  residents of Telangana. Divya was one of the patients from Pristyn Care who underwent piles laser surgery. 

My wife, Divya Bharti Jiwane had piles for around 6 years. When she started experiencing this problem, she did not take it seriously. She thought it would heal itself in a few days. 

But the problem didn’t go away by itself even after a few weeks. She started having pain while sitting, standing and walking around, and often had bleeding while going to the toilet with a lot of pain. It was extremely uncomfortable for her and disturbed her entire schedule and lifestyle. That is when I decided to take her to a doctor. 

First, we visited a nearby doctor and he diagnosed her with piles. For the treatment, he gave her some medicines and creams, and asked her to come for follow ups every two weeks. For several months, we did this without fail. In the beginning, the creams showed some effect, but they did not help heal the problem in the long run. It became very uncomfortable and painful for her, so we decided to change the doctor and even started considering surgery as an option.

With the help of some online research, I came to know about Pristyn Care. Me and my wife were pretty impressed by their reviews and customer ratings, so we booked an appointment for the next day. When we reached, we were told that Dr. Sriniwas would handle my wife’s case.

Dr Sriniwas was very polite and patient with my wife. He asked her questions about her problem, and physically examined her too. Then he told us that they offer painless surgery to treat piles which would not even require stitches, and my wife would be cured of the problem within a few days. We agreed to this and booked a day for the surgery.

Pristyn Care had made pick and drop arrangements for us from home. We were taken to the hospital and my wife was admitted. 

The entire procedure was explained to her first, and then after anesthesia, her surgery started. The surgery was completed in 2 hours. She got no stitches at all, and felt no pain after the surgery either. Her Pristyn Care buddy was very helpful. He explained the process of recovery to her, the do’s and don’ts and stayed with her all the time during her two days stay at the hospital. She was discharged the third day and was told to come for a follow up in four days. 

In the follow up, Dr. Sriniwas examined her and asked her about the recovery. It was concluded that my wife was cured of piles and she was free to call or visit any time she felt discomfort again.

“I am highly grateful to Pristyn Care. Because of them, my wife got free from a problem she had for many years. We are very satisfied with the treatment and services of Pristyn Care and are very thankful to them for helping us,” says Dharampal.


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