The following is the story of Sri Devi’s husband Mr. Subramanyan, one of the patients from Pristyn Care who got laser surgery for piles.

My name is Sri Devi. Recently, my husband, Mr. Subramanyan underwent surgery at Prystin Care. Last year, he was diagnosed with piles. As time passed, the pain, discomfort, and bleeding started increasing. We went to some doctors for it, but there was no success at all. We tried home remedies and Ayurveda and also tried changing his diet to cure his problem. But nothing seemed to work. My husband is in his mid 60s, and the pain and discomfort were too much for him to bear. We wanted to get him treated well so that he could find relief. 

A family friend told us about Pristyn Care. They said an acquaintance of theirs had surgery there, and the services were very impressive. After hearing such good words, we decided to go to Pristyn Care. There, we met Mr. Piyush, the coordinator. He set us up with Dr. Sajeet Nair. Dr. Nair physically examined my husband and explained to us the treatment alternatives. He suggested surgery, as it was the quickest and sure-shot way to treat piles. But my husband and I were very skeptical about it. In his age, the pain of surgery would be unbearable, and the recovery would have taken very long, which would add to his misery. 

But Dr. Nair told us that nothing of this sort would happen. The surgery was to be totally painless. It was to be done with Laser technique, which implied there would be no stitches either, and the recovery was also supposed to take around a week only. This knowledge gave us some positivity and we agreed on surgery for the coming week.

The hospital took care of everything, They even arranged for pick and drop services during the pandemic times. Mr. Piyush handled all the paperwork including hospitalization, insurance, and later on the discharge. A Pristyn Care Buddy supported and motivated my husband through his recovery period at the hospitals. The time of surgery was difficult for us, but the people at Prystin Care made everything very easy. After the surgery, my husband said it felt like nothing had been done to him, yet his problem had gone away. Later, a few follow-ups were conducted and it was confirmed that my husband was cured. 

We are very impressed and happy with the services of Prystin Care. They have greatly helped us in a difficult and desperate time. Thank you Pristyn Care.

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