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What are the Vaginal Infections?

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Atul Sharan

What are the Vaginal Infections?
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Being a woman is always a pleasant experience but there are some other aspects of womanhood. A woman is beautiful by her look, she is strong by her actions, she admires struggles and does everything for the welfare of her family. Here we are not characterizing her, in fact, there are some facts which may hinder her personal beauty. Be a married girl or unmarried, she has to face the vaginal problems by the time due to periods, hormone changes, infections, Child birth, sexually transmitted infection etc. Discussing the facts and problems related to vaginal health may be embarrassing for her. But time has changed a lot now. She knows her problems and can consult her gynecologist in Gurgaon.

So what exactly are Vaginal Infections?

It is a broad term affecting the feminine conditions. No one knows what exactly is a vaginal infection but surely it is analyzed by the common symptoms such as Vaginal itching, painful sexual intercourse, discomfort while urinating, discharge and much more. One should know the causes and factors affecting vaginal health.

Vaginal Infections are Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), Candidiasis & Trichomoniasis. lets read about them in detail:-

  • Bacterial Vaginosis (BV): BV is the common cause of vaginal itching which is again caused by an imbalance of healthy bacteria or change in vaginal pH level. The symptoms feel like a yeast infection only, but in this case, discharge is more watery with a bad odor. Although it can be treated with OTC treatment cream, more prescription can be given by the gynecologist in case of non-improvements. This is the most common cause of vaginal Infection among woman having a ratio of 50%.
  • Candidiasis: It is also called yeast infection or thrush. It is caused by the pH imbalance. Apart from the pH level disturbance, it can get affected through antibiotics, sexual habits, stress, diets, diabetes, etc. Along with the itchy, rashy & redness in the Vagina, one may experience the curdled, white & thick discharge. These are not permanent and occurs randomly. OTC treatment can help to cure the symptoms in a day or more. To avoid the recurrent infection, a gynecologist may recommend probiotic. Yeast infection is more common in winters as compare summers.
  • Trichomoniasis: This problem is common among men and women. It is called sexually Transmitted infection or STIs. Unprotected sex may lead to infection to your vagina leading to itchy with chlamydia, herpes, trichomoniasis, and gonorrhea. The increasing problem may lead to burning sensation as well with increasing time. The burning sensation can be experienced at the time of pee. Other symptoms are foul discharge, sores in genital parts, pain during sex. Get quick treatment though gynae expert.

One may experience mix infection with having no clear symptoms. Only an expert gynecologist may offer better suggestion and treatment.

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